Colorado Adams College: Credits to Volunteer for Obama Campaign – Learn Community Organizing: Course Cancelled Lack of Interest

Adams State College is a public university (receiving taxpayer funds) which offered course credits to learn community organizing while volunteering for the re-election of Obama. What was referred to as an “internship” opportunity, was later cancelled for lack of interest according to the University, but says after they rang the bell, the notice was down within hours. In a “campus announcement” Adams offered this:

Adams State College – Alamosa, Colorado

The Obama Campaign Internship (GOVT279 Presidential Election Internship) will be a 12 week long organizing internship for the Obama Campaign. The program offers high-level organizer training and in-depth involvement in one of the closest and most expensive Presidential races in recent history…The program will run until election day on November 6th, and each student will be expected to put in 15 hurs each week in addition to attending an all-day training on September 20th.

Students would have to be deemed eligible by Mr. Lindstrom, who will document the hours students work. Students who’s hours Lindstrom documents and who provide Dr. Crowther with an acceptable ten page paper, documenting their experiences and comparing what they learned to text book accounts of the political process, will receive 3 hours credit. They’ll have to sign up with Dr. Crowther as an independent study to receive credit…

The Daily Caller reports that the course “may” have been in violation of the Colorado Fair Campaign Practices Act. But maybe not? What about students denied the opportunity to earn credits by supporting the Romney campaign?

Oliver Darcy, the editor at Campus Reform who first reported the story, said the course struck him as a likely violation of state law.

“They are definitely using a few professors at least to help these students with the campaign process, so I don’t understand how it doesn’t use public resources for campaign purposes,” he said in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Ah, now I understand:

A spokesperson for the university said the blog post was mistaken about the nature of the course, and that students would have been allowed to volunteer with any campaign.

Adams is refusing to give the name of the employee who authorized the course.

  • “…would have been allowed to volunteer with any campaign.” Sounds like an after thought to me.

  • Neal Churchill

    It must be difficult for this man who has always had people worshiping at his feet to see that they are turning away when he can’t perform the miracles he promised.