Chris McMurray Refused Biden Visit To His Cookie Shop Crumb and Get It – “You Didn’t Build That”

If you live near Radford, Virginia stop by Chris and Kelly McMurray’s Crumb and Get It Cookie Shop – 1154 East Main Street in Radford, and buy a boatload of cookies. When Biden’s ‘people’ stopped by and asked McMurray if the Vice President could come by for a visit [photo op], he refused.

Chris and Kelly McMurray Open Crumb and Get It

“Very simply, ‘you didn’t build that’” McMurray said. “Speaking of small businesses and entrepreneurs all across this country and actually last night my wife was up all night. No sleep, she’s worked a full 24 hours.”

Chris and Kelly opened their business in August 2012 according to their Facebook page. Take a look at the photo slide show of the shop here. View their new website here. I see someone on FB has asked if they ship but that question hasn’t been answered as this moment.

Sooper Mexican (read the whole story here) says after McMurray refused the ‘offer’ of a Veep visit, “the secret service walked in and told Chris “Thanks for standing up and saying ‘no’,” and “then they bought a whole bunch of cookies and cupcakes!

The guy with the business around the corner, who shall remain unnamed, hosted Biden and company. The McMurray’s are living the American dream with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Two thumbs up to this entrepreneurial couple who sent the message loud and clear – this administration is dangerous to free market, freedom loving Americans (okay…that’s my interpretation of the McMurrays refusal. I cannot speak for them – just speculating…). Don’t forget to visit the Crumb and Get it Facebook page and leave an encouraging message – and ‘Like’ of course. H/T to BadBlue

UPDATE: In a related story, Ross Murty at Village Corner Deli in Davenport, Iowa catered for Obama this week wearing a “Government Didn’t Build My Business” T-shirt.

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  • I just sent them an email and requested a big box of cookies. They really need to get into developing items to be shipped.

    • Rossana Noggle

      Does anybody have an email address for them. I want to send them an email of suppoert? I couldn’t find it on the internet.

    • Robert Bruce Brown

      Thank you,
      I thank you,
      My wife thanks you,
      Small business thanks you,
      Middle Ameica thanks you,
      The Lewis County Tea Party thanks you,
      I appulaud you.
      Thank you.

    • Adrienne, let us know if you get an answer. They’ve been open less than one month. I bet they’re overwhelmed. I’ll order too.

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  • THANK YOU! This is what all of us need to do! Tell it like it is, actually in Obama’s sarcastic comments to small business owners. In it’s context, it’s even worse. Don’t try to weasel out of this Obama, you said it – YOU OWN IT – YOU CAN’T PUT THE TOOTHPASTE BACK INTO THE TUBE AFTER IT IS SQUEEZED OUT, AND GUESS WHAT – THE WORD IS OUT! I WOULDN’T GIVE OBAMA OR BIDEN THE TIME OF DAY – EVAH! I understand, small business, as I’ve been a successful owner of a Landscaping Co. for 25 plus years. Never hiring illegals, but hardworking American women & men that wanted and needed a job.



  • Michelle Freeman

    Didn’t your mother teach you to respect persons of authority or (older) than you. Would you like that to happen to your children, parents or grandparents – to be turned away from a store? Shame on you!
    May the Peace of God be with you!

    • Michelle Freeman: Didn’t your mother tell you how to recognize a Marxist? When one tries to shut down your business, or make it impossible to get a small business loan, or forces you to raise prices due to the high cost of corn – mandated for ethanol by the government, or hire someone you do not want to hire – your MOM missed a few steps in your education. This country is not a better place for it.

    • Brian D

      My mom taught me to respect people who have earned respect. To always question authority. And if my kids,or parents, were radical Marxist trying to destroy my country, you’re damn right I’d turn them out of my store or my house.
      And may God bless the U.S.A.

      • Good for you Brian! Michelle sounds like another Michelle we all ‘unfortunately know’ that is trying to run every one’s business determining if they should eat sweets or NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I don’t respect anything out of the Obamanation and am not afraid to say so. To get respect, you have to earn it, Obummer has failed that test 100%.

        I e-mailed – what a cool name. They did America a great service. BTW I didn’t think any of Obama’s ‘merry men’ were supposed to EAT SWEETS???????????

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  • Diane

    You, who change the reality of what the president actually was referring to.You all need a reality check!!!! Chris Just needs to focus on selling his cookie crumbs OH WAIT That is free publicity Now I get it……Now pay attention idiots as to what the PRESIDENT actually was referring to in the comment he made!!!!

    • Diane, no, we understand the reality of what the president said, but we are used to those like you who haven’t a clue about the reality you are living (unless that reality comes from the government, and then I guess you do understand at least that).

      Chris McMurray IS focusing on selling his cookies, as was his wife. He stood on principle. He actually doesn’t agree with much of anything the Obama admin has done, according to interviews I’ve seen since. He’s in good company. There are millions and millions of us just like him. You know, all publicity is NOT equal. His new business got a tremendous boost by him paying attention and understanding the Obama agenda.

      Please dont call us idiots. That’s not necessary.

      • Thank you Maggie!
        You were nicer than I would be by saying ‘please’. . .
        Diane needs a ‘Reality Check’ but unfortunately those that live in ‘Denial City’ never see the truth, and wouldn’t admit it if they did. So Obama can just keep up with his lying agenda.
        What a shame!!!