Chris McMurray Introduces Paul Ryan: WOW! McMurray Belongs on Campaign Trail

When Chris and Kelly McMurray get their bakery beyond the point of a new start up, perhaps Chris will run for public office. Watch his enthusiastic support of conservatism and small business as he introduces Paul Ryan in Roanoke, Virginia. True, he uses notes but this is his first time for such public exposure and you can tell he means every word he says. See the video at Right Scoop (photo from RS vid).

Paul Ryan and Chris McMurray, owner of Crumb and Get It

By the way, did you see McMurray on with Greta last night? I don’t have the video but she gave him a hard time because he indicated that the Obama/Biden team did not reflect his religious beliefs. She seemed befuzzled about what he said and tried to pound it, finally asking him if he served people of other religious beliefs in his store. He said of course he did (paraphrased). Maybe Greta has forgotten that Obama/Biden is forcing the McMurray’s and you and me to fund abortion.

The background: McMurray turned down a photo-op for Biden coming to his bakery, Crumb and Get it. He said his wife had worked 24-hours straight and he/they “did” build it.

  • kathleen

    I’ve lost my faith in Greta, sick of them pretending to be “fair and balanced”, we want one Conservative news source.

    • Kathleen, I usually like the way she probes and most of the time, she seems to keep an even keel, but this was strange to me.

  • Geo

    Today’s Greta on Fox vs CNN is about as much of a turn around as someone can get. She was unwatchable back when, she has really morphed since her move to Fox. Though I don’t watch her regularly.

    I listened to the interview and really enjoyed the guy. When he made the reference to his religious values versus their religious values, I cringed immediately. I thought, he just did not say that, did he? My alarm bells went right off, as I think Greta’s did.

    My very first thought, was that he was going to say he was Muslim or something really ridiculous, which he didn’t. When it came out, Greta pounced on it [as she should’ve] asking him what he meant by that? At first he kind of stumbled, but then recovered. His explanation was very creditable and honest.

    • Geo, wish I could find the video. I saw it as it was happening, and I really think he was talking about policy, including forcing us to pay for abortion. I don’t think it was any more than that, and other policies that have not furthered the freedom of religion in this country. I thought her reaction odd.

      • Geo

        Maggie, I totally agree with you, it turned out harmless and there wasn’t any other ill intention. It was just the first sentence or so, that I think perked Greta’s ears, as it did mine. I’m sure he was nervous as hell, not being use to the publicity.

        He did fine, and I wish them well in their endeavors. Them seem like really nice and hard working people.

  • I commented on Gretawire agreeing she knew the answer to the question she was asking, so why not let it go? People blogged saying she was acting like a jerk, LOL
    McMurry beat Greta at her game, good for him.

    • ljcarolyne, she did act like a jerk, and thanks for participating in the conversation over there. I don’t this from her often, if ever, in quite this way.

  • We have a voice, and need to use it more now than ever. Thanks Maggie!