Carl Higbie Navy SEAL: Politics Have Infiltrated Military – Battle on the Home Front

Former Navy SEAL Carl Higbie wrote a book effectively showing how politics have infiltrated at high levels of the Military. I say “effectively” because the Pentagon refused to vet the book, meaning that Higbie had to choose: continue his career as a Navy SEAL, in which he had 9 years invested, or leave and publish what he believes is information Americans need to know: politics have invaded Military and there must be a battle for the home front, on the home front.

Military procedure is that the Pentagon must review the book and sanction it before publishing. In Higbie’s case, the Pentagon refused to vet it, and he was under threat of dishonorable discharge if he chose to go ahead and publish.

Carl Higbie

In the video, you’ll hear that Higbie was critical of Obama’s agenda. Unfortunately, the book, Battle on the Home Front: A Navy SEAL’s Mission to Save the American Dream is not available in Kindle edition, but can be ordered on Amazon (go here and click the button to request it be Kindle-ized).

Carl Higbie, former SEAL with new book, Battle on the Home Front (video)

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  • Conservatives should come up with a Homefront Theater Defense Medal & award it to guys like Carl (‘Homefront’ sounds a lot less totalitarian than the government approved term ‘homeland’, doesn’t it).

  • What a hero. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for a SEAL to retire early for political reasons. Obviously he is sencere in his concern for the politization of the military. I hope his book sells millions of copies.

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  • Absolutely right, and the book is a great idea to get the truth out.

  • Perfect! A must read!

  • Kerry Reynolds

    Please come visit me on my Facebook page. I have quite a few veterans that visit. They call me the “Patriot” and sometimes the Black Knight. I have quite a number of songs that have been given to the vets from the musicians and some to all Americans walking the path to Freedom. I am fulfilling a “calling” if you will. I fight Destruction and for all that is good. I have no fear as I am not alone. I have been on this path for probably a couple of years. I have also been giving out T-shirts – I designed 2 – One says “Freedom!” and the other says, “The American Soldier & US Veteran.” These shirts need to be worn and seen – for all of us. I have some wonderful photos, wise words, and I go get quite involved with politics. At one point, there were hundreds complaining about benefits and medical care, and then voting problems, etc. I write and write and write and eventually I find that party that will assist. There is someone that you all can trust and will assist. He is a super guy from the military and he has all things you want in a leader, integrity, honesty and he gets the job done. I am waiting for a response from the VA, but I won’t hold my breath as I think they had a 5 million dollar binge on your nickel. I will continue to pursue this until such time as we get it done. The current group has a petition going – with these folks, I am not sure that is going to mean much to this administration. Anyway, do come visit. The Father puts people on the path that I need to meet or you may need to meet. I have an English Degree and a minor in Mass Communications and History. When necessary, I can turn a phrase. You can find me under my name Kerry Reynolds – I hide from no one. It is also a safe place – no insults, etc- we don’t do that. I wish you luck with your book – keep you head down. Sign one for me and I would be happy – excited to have it. Nobody thinks more of the vets than I do. And, it is not just the vets – for their families. If somebody comes home in a box, then that family will feel the tug of sorrow for the rest of their lives. I even asked the Father to take my life instead of this Country’s Freedoms – but that is not saying much when you guys deal with it everyday. See you around.