Bill Clinton’s Not So Secret Secrets He Ignores to Stump for Obama: Depends on What the Meaning of “Rebuild America” is

Bill Clinton is out and about stumping for Obama (actually for Hillary in 2016), and cutting a solo political campaign ad, but if you spend a minute thinking about it, his advocacy of BO depends on what the meaning of “rebuild America from the ground up” is. Even Clinton knows that’s a scary proposition promise

President Obama has a plan to rebuild America from the ground up, investing in innovation, education and job training. It only works if there is a strong middle class. ~ Bill Clinton

Hillary and Bill Clinton

Clinton has to hide his own record  to try to boost the illegal record of this administration. Clinton, in a bipartisan deal, cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires in 1997 – but he didn’t want to. He no longer takes credit for the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) which under Democrat leadership eventually brought down the housing market. Bunches of credit to him, though, for leading the charge to get every unqualified buyer a home, that has now put your mortgage under water.

Remember how cheesy the whole Clinton crew was? How they vandalized the White House computers, stole the china? The crew of two today, Hill and Bill are just as cheesy, if not more so, than they were then. When you think of Bill Clinton, think of Juanita Broaderick, Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers. That’s his legacy and Hillary’s as well. While she didn’t bake cookies, she stood by her man and called the truth a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Don’t forget who Bill is:

7. On May 8, 1991, the AIDC sponsored the Third Annual Governor’s Quality Management Conference (hereafter “Conference”), which was held at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, delivered a speech at the Conference on that day.

8. Also on that day, [Paula] Jones worked at the registration desk at the Conference along with Pamela Blackard (hereafter “Blackard”) another AIDC employee.

9. A man approached the registration desk and informed Jones and Blackard that he was Trooper Danny Ferguson, Bill Clinton’s bodyguard. Defendant Ferguson was at that time a law enforcement officer within the ranks of the Arkansas State Police and assigned to the Governor’s Security Detail. He was in street clothes and displayed a firearm on his person. He made small talk with Jones and Blackard and then left.

10. At approximately 2:30 p.m. on that day, Ferguson reappeared at the registration desk, delivered a piece of paper to Jones with a four digit number written on it and said: “The Governor would like to meet with you” in this suite number. Plaintiff had never met Defendant Clinton and saw him in person for the first time at the Conference.

11. A three-way conversation followed between Ferguson, Blackard and Jones about what the Governor could want. Jones, who was then a rank-and-file Arkansas state employee being paid approximately $ 6.35 an hour, thought it was an honor to be asked to meet the Governor. Ferguson stated during the conversation: “It’s okay, we do this all the time for the Governor.”

12. Jones agreed to meet with the Governor because she thought it might lead to an enhanced employment opportunity with the State. Blackard told Jones that she would assume Plaintiff’s duties at the registration desk.

13. Trooper Ferguson then escorted Jones to the floor of the hotel suite whose number had been written on the slip of paper Trooper Ferguson had given to Jones. The door was slightly ajar when she arrived at the suite.

14. Jones knocked on the door frame and Clinton answered. Plaintiff entered. Ferguson remained outside.

15. The room was furnished as a business suite, not for an overnight hotel guest. It contained a couch and chairs, but no bed.

16. Clinton shook Jones’ hand, invited her in, and closed the door.

17. A few minutes of small talk ensued, which included asking Jones about her job. Clinton told Jones that Dave Harrington is “my good friend.” On May 8, 1991, David Harrington was Director of the AIDC, having been appointed to that post by Governor Clinton. Harrington was Jones’ ultimate superior within the AIDC.

18. Clinton then took Jones’ hand and pulled her toward him, so that their bodies were in close proximity.

19. Jones removed her hand from his and retreated several feet.

20. However, Clinton approached Jones again. He said: “I love the way your hair flows down your back” and “I love your curves.” While saying these things, Clinton put his hand on Plaintiff’s leg and started sliding it toward the hem of Plaintiff’s culottes. Clinton also bent down to attempt to kiss Jones on the neck.

21. Jones exclaimed, “What are you doing?” and escaped from Clinton’s physical proximity by walking away from him. Jones tried to distract Clinton by chatting with him about his wife. Jones later took a seat at the end of the sofa nearest the door. Clinton asked Jones: “Are you married?” She responded that she had a regular boyfriend. Clinton then approached the sofa and as he sat down he lowered his trousers and underwear exposing his erect penis and asked Jones to “kiss it.”

22. There were distinguishing characteristics in Clinton’s genital area that were obvious to Jones.

23. Jones became horrified, jumped up from the couch, stated that she was “not that kind of girl” and said: “Look, I’ve got to go.” She attempted to explain that she would get in trouble for being away from the registration desk.

24. Clinton, while fondling his penis said: “Well, I don’t want to make you do anything you don’t want to do.” Clinton then stood up and pulled up his pants and said: “If you get in trouble for leaving work, have Dave call me immediately and I’ll take care of it.” As Jones left the room Clinton looked sternly at Jones and said: “You are smart. Let’s keep this between ourselves.”

25. Jones believed “Dave” to be the same David Harrington, of whom Clinton previously referred. Clinton, by his comments about Harrington to Jones, affirmed that he had control over Jones’ employment, and that he was willing to use that power. Jones became fearful that her refusal to succumb to Clinton’s advances could damage her in her job and even jeopardize her employment.

26. At no time, nor in any manner, did Jones encourage Clinton to turn the meeting toward a sexual liaison. To the contrary, the unwanted sexual advances made by Clinton were repugnant and abhorrent to Jones who took all reasonable steps she could think to do to terminate Clinton’s perverse attention and actions toward her.

Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment that followed, changed everything in politics today. The media and Democrats saw it as “only sex,” and not possible blackmail, or even disgraceful behavior happening inside the Oval Office. It changed Democrat politicians forever – and so we have Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. Clinton’s nastiness rolled right through the Party.

Free Beacon has a list of what Clinton did not tell you in the video below. Great article. Read it here – don’t miss the part about Clinton and Citigroup and how Clinton’s pockets have been lined over the years.

Bill Clinton Obama Campaign Video

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