Australia: 640000 Confiscated Semi Auto Firearms, Pump Action Rifles, Shotguns: Forced Surrender – Destroyed MeltedDown

Can you believe this happening in Australia? Australia! Promising safety in return for gun bans – a right stolen from the people, citizens were forced to turn in their semi-auto firearms, pump-action rifles and shotguns – 640,000 of them. There was a “buy back” plan, as if that makes it acceptable. One man says he lost 40 years of gun collecting.

Australia has found that the loss of liberty is being measured by the loss of life. Criminals still have their weapons. The weapons still legal inside a private home must be unloaded and locked up. Handguns are expected to be taken next.

Crime has not been reduced – in fact crime is up, no surprise among those with a tad of common sense:

Armed Robbery up 69%

Assaults with Guns up 28%

Gun Murders up 19%

Home Invasions up 21%

Politicians say they can’t explain the rise in home invasions, because they don’t have a definition for “home invasion” in Australian law. The woman in the video can explain it to them, but then she’s just another unarmed citizen, not worthy of possessing the right to protect herself:

If someone set their foot inside your door, uninvited, they are invading your home and your privacy. ~ Concerned Citizen of Australia

The question is not why home invasions are up. The question is who in their freaking mind wouldn’t know that private property and lives are at stake when the whole country is unarmed.

Police undermanned, and moral at record lows.

Citizens in the video send a warning to Americans:

● Don’t think it can’t happen to you.

● Don’t trust your politicians.

● Be a member of the NRA

● Be a member at your local gun club

● Be a partner with the NRA

● Never, never, ever give up your freedoms.

● If you think you have rights, tomorrow the government can take them away from you.

● [In Australia] We don’t have a chance in hell of getting our rights back.

Many thanks to Cry and Howl for the video. He has a sobering quote from Thomas Jefferson. Go read it here.

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When Guns are Banned…(video)

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  • They can take mine out of my cold dead hands like another great American always said.

  • Gun control is careful aim.

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  • Hey Maggie! Man you did a great job breaking this thing down. I’m very glad you followed up on this. People really need to wake up to the fact that firearm bans are real and it can/will happen in America if we allow it. We’ve gotten ourselves in a “crack” right now Obama playing president, Eric Holder in charge of the Jihad … er … Justice department, Janet Napolitano and corruption “super sized” … Hillary Clinton. These people have voiced their desire to ban all firearms time and again and they happen to be in the position to do that right now. They are just biding their time until after the election. If Obama is re-elected its over folks. Allowing this guy into the White House was the biggest mistake the American people ever made. Allowing Obama to take the White House was treasonous and the Congress, Supreme Court, intelligence agencies, and military elite betrayed America. In reality they betrayed the entire world by protecting this fraud just as they do to this day. Look how many innocents have been masacared because the U.S. is starting war after war, replacing leaders and the governments of a multitude of nations with the Muslim Brotherhood.
    We need to completely clean out the entire Congress with real conservatives. Enact term limits. The Congress is nothing but a gigantic crime syndicate. There are a few, very few decent people in the Congress. Alan West for one as far as I know. But we, as citizens need to realize that every one of the memebers of the Congress, 535 of them violate their oath of office every day they allow Obama to squat in the White House. Treating him like he’s president!!! “Commander in Chief!!! What a joke! Un-freaking-believable.
    Well ma’am, jeez I didn’t mean to ramble on. Sorry about that. I hope you and your family have a great Sunday.

  • The same thing has happened in Chicago where only the criminals have guns.

  • The Saw

    When did this law go into affect?

    Very disturbing considering the history of the Aussies.

  • If what happened in Australia happens in America there will be no more America…and when there’s no more America there will be no more Australia…

    The New World Order is emerging. ~ Gordon Brown (When he was Prime Minister of England)

  • In Chicago they have the strongest gun laws. You cannot have one. This last weekend we had 10 murders and 65 people injured. So much for gun control.