Allen West Florida 18 GOP Primary Winner: West Faces Democrat “neo-eco-friendly-socialist-marxist” Patrick Murphy in November

Congressman Allen West has “easily” won his Florida primary today for District 18 over fellow Republican Robert Crowder. In the November General Election, West will face Democrat Patrick Murphy who has launched the website “dedicated to collecting outrageous comments made by the Tea Party freshman [Allen West].” What you will NOT see is West’s most famous quote while a U.S. Army Colonel: I will walk through hell with a gas can for my men.” Nope. Won’t see that one on Murphy’s site.

Allen West Family, daughters Aubrey (L) and Austen, and wife Angela

Congressman West opened up large leads and according to the Palm Beach Post, was winning both St. Lucie and Palm Beach counties by more than 60 percentage points.

Patrick Murphy is a piece of work and a common example of Democrats these days. His father funded the AmericanSunrisePAC with $250,000, which has resulted in an ad showing West wearing red boxing gloves beating up on women and seniors (first video below). You have to dig lots of dirt to get lower than that. West is a man who has served his country valiantly, has a wonderful marriage, two beautiful daughters and regularly shames the Black Congressional Caucus for their hypocrisy and bigotry – gotta love that man. The problem for Democrats is that West tells it like it is and many, many Americans from sea to shining sea love him for it. Others are telling it like it is too:

Murphy, 29, attended the University of Miami, and, like approximately 95 percent of people who ever attended the University of Miami, he once obtained a fake ID and got a little too drunk on South Beach. Unfortunately for him he ended up getting arrested when he was 19 in 2003 for those shenanigans. He told the Palm Beach Post it was the “biggest mistake of my life.”

Here are the facts. Murphy was arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning, February 16, outside of Crobar. (It has since closed, and Cameo has reopened in its place.) Crobar hosted some gay and gay-friendly parties back in the day but was not strictly a “gay club” in 2003. Source: Miami New Times Blog

Patrick Murphy

The PublicCause has collected Murphy’s resumes (read them here) and sums him up this way:

The neo-eco-friendly-socialist-marxist candidate to challenge Allen West is supported by the new-age community-organizing community. But who else supports him?

The video presents Murphy as someone who is concerned about the environment. This is sure to attract the eco-terrorists and other kinds of irrational left-wing supporters, including progressive PACs all over. Yet…he works as a Vice President of his father’s company which they call Coastal Environmental Services. This is a company that swooped in and made a big chunk of change, cleaning up what possibly was a vastly overstated and exaggerated oil spill in the Gulf awhile back. His father’s connections got them a contract to go out and drive some boats around, and pretend to cleanup what was a horrendous event. They may have done some work, but who really knows just how much? Who knows if the work was enough to justify their payment?

Now, he wants to run against Allen West, who is  a true conservative champion. And dad has the ticket.

Allen West’s great response to Patrick Murphy is in the second video below.

AmericanSunrisePAC Characterizes Allen West as a Woman Beater – Senior Killer (video – The Blaze)

George Soros is funding the DumpWestPAC with $5 MILLION. The Congressman has a huge target on his back. All politics are NOT local. When West votes limited government, pro-American, pro-Military, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Life, pro-First Amendment, he is voting for me and my family here in Tulsa. If you can donate anything at all for this American hero, please do so here.

UPDATE 8-15-12: Another exciting win in Florida’s 19th District primary race, Trey Radel won handily. Radel is a conservative radio commentator.

Allen West on Opponent Patrick Murphy (video RightScoop)

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  • I believe that Allen West will win in November very easily. He is very well liked.

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  • I think the neo-eco-friendly-socialist-marxist candidate will beat the Joe McCarthesque insane witch-hunt candidate. Only time will tell.