Alda Collins 110 Yr Old Get WWI Benefit Boost: $36 to $1000

Mrs. Alda Collins whose husband served in WWI and died in 1976 at the age of 81, has been receiving only $36 a month in benefits, for over 30 years, from her husbands service. Today she is 110 years old. She lived by herself until she was 106. Her son James Collins said the Department of Veterans Affairs told him she was eligible for more because she had not remarried, but it would take six months to year to get the paperwork done. It took 4 years! She is now receiving $1,000 per month to help with the payment of her nursing home in Pennsylvania, which her retired son has been paying from his pension and “dwindling IRA.”

From her son, James Collins:

She can use a walker, feeds herself and knows the Pirates are in second place.

For years, she taught in a one-room schoolhouse.

At 110 years old, standing on your own two feet and walking with a walker is an amazing feat. It’s depressing that the newly named Department of Veteran’s Affairs is not nearly as efficient.

The last World War I veteran in the United States was Frank Buckles who died at the age of 110 in February 2011.