Walter Szuic Kayaker Followed by 12-15′ Shark

Walter Szuic didn’t see the Great White’s head, but saw the very large dorsal fin behind his kayak, which probably meant the head of the shark was under his kayak or very close to it. This was Szuic’s first time in a kayak, and probably his last. A large seal population off Nauset Beach, Orleans, Massachusett’s Cape Cod has brought a verified three hungry Great White’s to the area this year.

Cape Cod Kayaker with 12′-16′ Shark Trailing

“You could see the darkness of it,” she told “It was longer than the kayak … it was crazy big.” Source: MSNBC

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here. See another good video here, including an interview with Walter Szuic.

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