Veterans with Traumatic Injury Have to Sue to Get Care

Who is in charge of making certain veterans get the care they deserve and have been promised, other than the Veteran’s Administration (VA)? Surely not Congress, because we know they aren’t in charge of anything these days, but guess what? They are in charge, and they richly deserve the lack of confidence Americans have in them.

The one single thing America should always carry through with is medical treatment for Military. Why? Because the single cause for government is to keep the country safe, and it’s the Military that takes on that awesome responsibility.

More than 30 cases have been filed against the Department of the Army for veterans who met the criteria to receive disability benefits under the Traumatic Injury Protection Under Servicemembers’ Group Life Insure (TSGLI) for activities of daily living.

The vets listed in the cases served in combat as far back as Operation Desert Storm.

“There has been a declaration of intent by Congress and by the VA that this coverage should be provided if the service members meet the standards and that the coverage should be provided judiciously,” said Dan Rector, lead counsel representing soldiers in several of the cases. Source: Daily Caller

I bet there isn’t one member of Congress who has not received their doctor’s attention, when they needed it. I can only imagine what some of those treatments might be: weight loss, eye lifts (non-cosmetic, of course), addiction control, cataract surgery. Congresswoman Gabby Giffords received the best care possible, we are told, and well she should have, but our Military deserves no less, and I don’t care what we have to cut in the budget to make it happen. The $15 Billion we gave here, might make a lot of difference – just one example of many:

Under TSGLI, service members receive disability benefits if they are injured as a result of a traumatic event, either while in combat or while at home. Under the policy, servicemembers can collect between $25,000 and $100,000 from the Department of the Army.

In order to receive the benefits, though, each soldier must meet one of the nine specified categories of loss: 1) Sensory losses, 2) Burns, 3) Paralysis, 4) Amputation, 5) Limb salvage, 6) Facial reconstruction, 7) Activities of daily living, Inpatient hospitalization, 9) Coma/TBI [traumatic brain injury] combined with another injury.

All plaintiffs met the requirements specified, yet did not receive the appropriate benefits…

“Our contention is that the Army is systematically denying claims of activities of daily living for those who meet the requirement,” Rector said.

Congress MUST STEP UP, and do it now. How disgraceful that these men and women have to sue.

Time to Tweet, and the good thing about Tweeting is that you can contact a legislator even though you don’t live in their district or state. If one of the subcommittee members represents you, please call and fax. If you click their name, you’ll find additional contact information. Get your friends to Tweet with you. Pour it on, and then schedule a campaign for once a month, or something. Sheesh! This is terrible!

Here are the members of the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs:


Jeff Miller (FL), Chairman @HouseVetAffairs

Cliff Stearns (FL), @RepCliffStearns

Doug Lamborn (CO), @RepDLamborn

Gus M. Bilirakis (FL), Vice Chairman @RepGusBilirakis

David Phil Roe (TN), @DrPhilRoe

Marlin A. Stutzman (IN), @RepStutzman

Bill Flores (TX), @RepBillFlores and @Flores4Congress

Bill Johnson (OH), @RepBillJohnson

Jeff Denham (CA), @RepJeffDenham

Jon Runyan (NJ), @RepJonRunyan and @Runyan 2012

Dan Benishek (MI), @Benishek

Ann Marie Buerkle (NY), @RepBuerkle

Tim Huelskamp (KS), @CongHuelskamp and @TimHuelskamp

Mark E. Amodei (NV), @RepMarkAmodei

Robert L. Turner (NY)

I doubt contacting Democrats on the Committee will do much good, but if you want to try, find the list here.


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