US Child Sex Slave Victim Witnesses Depend on DOJ to Feed Them but Funds Go to Slackers Instead

Child human trafficking victims in the U.S. who have been used as sex slaves, but are now under U.S. protection as witnesses, take a back seat to other important expenditures. I’m guessing feeding America’s slackers is the problem – those in the SNAP program, through Electronic Benefit Cards (EBT) – translation: food stamps, those who feed off of taxpayers and needn’t prove they are worthy. Since there is no money to feed the “witnesses,” the human traffickers often go free. This isn’t only about children smuggled across our borders. Some are Americans. Think about that. Children…needed to witness against those who buy, sell an obscenely use them, under DOJ protection, and this country cannot afford to feed or shelter them, so the traffickers go free. It tears at my gut. See an UPDATE below – maybe these children get feed in the month of January.

Conservative Daily News quoting Brandon Darby:

The FBI was dependent on the U.S. Attorneys’ Office to designate the victims as witnesses before resources were available to the victims. This dependence on the U.S. Attorneys’ Office for short-term and intermediate resources seemed to be the clog preventing freedom and safety for many trafficking victims based on my research and the FBI agents and assistant U.S. attorneys…

Matt Vespa, author of the CDN article:

Since food and shelter seemed to be at the heart of the hesitancy amongst the various agencies, Darby ”[reached] out to the now-deceased Andrew Breitbart. In short order, Breitbart, Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, Hannah Giles and I created a nonprofit named Citizen Patriot Response to organize tea party groups to help communities and individuals in need without governmental funding and dependence.” Darby stated that this group wasn’t founded on the basis on human trafficking, but remains a critical issue. As a result, he used his home as a place of refuge for the exploited.

No surprise that child sex slaves are not a priority. They can’t vote in November. The story goes far beyond the above. Read it all here.

The DOJ just recently dismissed a human trafficking case that has gone on for years. Taxpayers spent millions on it. One of the cases involved Hawaii – a great vacation destination while “investigating.” The case was dismissed recently “in the interest of justice.” I can’t tell if it really involved human trafficking or it was simply anti-semitism. Thanks to The Blue Eye View for the graphic – read more on the story there.

UPDATE: Conservative Daily News had a story in December 2011 announcing Obama’s “proclamation” that January will be “anti-slavery” month.

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  • Child sexual slavery is BEYOND vile! The very idea that child sex slaves aren’t getting the help they need is abhorrent.