TSA Detains Couple For Chocolate, Touches Womans Feeding Tube – Illegal Alien Owns Flight School – 25 Illegal Flight Students – in Boston Where 9/11 Originated!

While TSA detains an American couple for bringing chocolate back from Canada, strip-searched a woman with a feeding tube, and even touched the feeding tube, they let 25 illegal aliens attend a flight school OWNED by an illegal alien. The flight school is in Boston, where 9/11 hijackers boarded the deadly flights at Boston Logan Airport. At this time, I have not found the nationality of illegal alien “fliers.”

TSA touches woman’s feeding tube

The illegal-alien flight-school attendees included eight who had entered the country illegally and 17 who had overstayed their allowed period of admission into the United States, according to an audit by the GAO.

Six of the illegal aliens were actually able to get pilot’s licenses.

Discovery of the trouble at the flight school began when local police–not federal authorities–pulled over the owner of the school on a traffic violation and were able to determine that he was an illegal alien.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala):

“We have cancer patients, Iraq War veterans and Nobel Prize winners all forced to undergo rigorous security checks before getting on an airplane,” said Rogers, “and at the same time, ten years after 9/11, there are foreign nationals in the United States trained to fly just like Mohammed Atta and the other 9/11 hijackers did, and not all of them are necessarily getting a security background check.”

Stephen Lord, who is the GAO’s director of Homeland Security and Justice Issues, testified about the matter Wednesday in Rogers’ subcommittee. Rogers asked him: “Isn’t it true that, based on your report, the Transportation Security Administration cannot assure the American people that foreign terrorists are not in this country learning how to fly airplanes, yes or no?”

Lord responded: “At this time, no.”

Although the illegal alien who owned the Massachusetts flight school had not undergone a required TSA security threat assessment and had not been approved for flight training by the agency, he nonetheless held two Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot licenses, also known as FAA certificates.

But it gets worse. We actually have an “Alien Flight Student Program,” and we depend on the alien’s answers to questionnaires to grant entrance:

“According to TSA officials, when a foreign national applies to AFSP to obtain flight training, TSA uses information submitted by the foreign national–such as name, date of birth, and passport information–to conduct a criminal history records check, a review of the Terrorist Screening Database, and a review of the Department of Homeland Security’s TECS [anti-terrorism] system,” Lord testified.

However, a “weakness” in TSA’s Alien Flight Student Program, noted by GAO, is that it does not check for immigration status.

Melinda Deaton (photo above) is what we might refer to as a “frequent flier,” as she regularly travels by air from Dallas to Minneapolis for treatment at Mayo Clinic. She was strip searched and “agents” (plural) touched her feeding tube. Mrs. Deaton was wearing a medical bracelet with a USB drive containing her medical records. That wasn’t enough. The deviant agents in Dallas had to put their hands on her.

TSA confiscated “illegal” chocolate eggs found in the car of two Seattle men as they crossed the border. The chocolate was intended as gifts for family and friends. If the eggs are illegal, so be it, but where is that diligence and vigilence when it comes to actual foreign illegals, and especially foreign illegals learning to fly and taught to do so by a foreign illegal.

Photo Credit: Omar Villafranca, NBC 5 News 

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