Top Dem Senators Have All Told Me Obama Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing – Horrified Democrat Senate Leaders

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenzinski are chatting. As usual, Mika ‘gets it,’ but tries to detract. Scarborough doesn’t let her get away with it (this time). Partial transcript and video below.


JOE SCARBOROUGH TO MIKA: Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year-and-a-half now…the top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, this guy has no idea what he’s doing…

These Democratic chairmen in the Senate are saying: you’ve got to get us all in the room. They’ve got to get the Republicans in here. You lock arms before you do these things. They said the President just won’t do it.

[Mika tries to say Republicans have been to the White House]

Come on, come on Mika, seriously…that’s what the top Democrat Senators are saying. The people that you…you know damn well which powerful Senators that run the United States Senate, have been saying about Barack Obama for the past two years.

…for 18 months [Senator] Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Republican in the U.S. Senate did not have a one-on-one with Barack Obama – that is inexcusable on all levels and Democratic Senators will be the first to tell you that, and they have have told you that…

Hey Mike, just so I’m not exposed here, Mika can’t say it because she has talked to these same Democrat Senators, how many Democrat Senators running the Senate over the past to years have told you that they could pull their hair out. [“Mike” answers 7 different individual Senators have said exactly that].

Scarborough says he has had calls at home from Democratic Chairmen, asking “can you believe what he is doing today?

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Joe Scarborough with MIKA Brzezinski (VIDEO)

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  • SpySmasher

    “Obama Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing …”

    wait….. important newsflash!!

    I have just been informed that


  • I was just watching a show on SCIHD channel on Direct Tv.. there are these two professors who have been studying the human ability to see one thing and how what they see with their own eyes can change, by social acceptance.. 4 people watched a video of a kid sucking on a sucker, wearing a huge cowboy hat. After the film, they were put into individual rooms and then tested on what they saw. They all answered “true” to the question, “was the kid wearing a hat”.
    When they were later shown that the other subjects answer “false” when they were asked about the hat.. so the subject then was requestioned and this time that person answered “false” when asked the same questions again. A week or two later, when answering the same questions.. they still answered false. I think that’s how Liberals rule.. the stupid… they make it socially acceptable to believe a certain way, even though it’s a false narative, they still get the stupid masses to follow in lock step.. When someone like Joe Scarborough gets out of step and actually tells the truth, the other mind washed members of the show, start to panic and try to re-affirm their false beliefs…

    • Great example of exactly what is happening David.

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  • Beverly

    He is extremely competent but his agenda is not an American one. Obama’s actions can only make sense if you believe he is an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial who truly believes America must be diminished in order to make room for the New World Order. When you view him in this light, every thing he says and does makes terrible sense. I fear for the country I love because so many either share his agenda or make excuses for him, believing him to be incompetent. Only when enough Americans wake up and work to overcome the chaos he has wrought, will America as we know it, a force for good in the world, reemerge.

    • Beverly, I agree with you. He is competent at achieving his agenda, which is an evil agenda. We have a lot to worry about. Thanks so much for commenting!

    • dmacleo, thanks so much for posting on the Conservative Voices forum. I appreciate it.

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  • I guess it’s just too bad for them that they all thought he was the bee’s knees back in 2008, huh?

    They KNEW what he was, and yet they kept their mouths shut.

    Chickens comin’ home to roost….

    I have NO sympathy whatsoever for those clowns – they deserve every single thing that they are getting right now.

  • cloudshe

    the Worst possible scenario is if (when) re-elected despite his refusal to work with Congress, NOW obama has carte blanche to rule by executive order, by re-interpreting existing law and using “discretion” on how he operates the government.

    wise up congress, your refusal to call obama on his treachery will bite you, you’ll become irrelevant, America will become one of those tin-pot dictator states. neo-communism will predominate and it will be YOUR FAULT