Texans Go to Polls Tues 7-31-12 for Cruz Dewhurst Runoff: Cruz Cruises If You Vote!

Just one more reminder to my friends in Texas from your Oklahoma neighbor (that would be me) that the U.S. Senate seat for Texas election runoff is tomorrow, Tuesday July 31, 2012. If you read here often, you know I’ve had a Cruz badge on my site for months and have written about his conservative bona fides numerous times. If you stay home and do not cast a vote for Cruz, believing some of the polling and thinking he has a lead, we’ll have another Big Government Elitist Moderate, David Dewhurst, going to Congress.

Ted Cruz (L) – David Dewhurst (R)

PolitiJim is volunteering for the Cruz campaign. Here’s his advice:

…be alert for problems with your vote.  If they say you have already voted by mail, they are to give you a “provisional ballot” to still record your vote according to Texas law.  And after you have done that contact the Secretary of State’s office notifying them of the problem.  You may also contact PolitiJim with the details either for me to report, or to pass along to voter integrity groups.  And if it DID happen to you – scream “bloody murder” to anyone you can in media.  The only way to preempt this will be to make it so scrutinized they are either afraid to keep doing it, or the supervisors will be so alert to it their chances of success will drop.

Third, ask workers.  They are under no obligation to tell you anything, but find out if a lot of people were surprised to find someone else had voted in their name.  When they know we are watching, they will be less brazen about trying it.  Chances are if there is mail ballot fraud, it is being conducted somewhere OTHER than the polling place, but if citizens are watching – whatever OTHER fraud someone may have planned will be harder to carry out.

Jim documented his experience of a day at the polls, in a story he calls: A Day at the Racists. It’s a great true tale (be sure to follow the links for the whole story) and with it goes the news that in Texas, “a revolution is brewing.” Read it here.

If you need information on Cruz, on his stance on issues, his impressive endorsements, his past working experience, read it here and don’t forget to vote. Runoffs have a way of being sloughed off. We can’t afford to do that. We need every Republican candidate to make it to the U.S. Senate chamber. Everything depends on it, not least of which is risking Democrat Supreme Court Justice nominations.  Go Texas! Go Cruz! Find your polling place here.

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