Teacher Union Bosses Make Half Million Annually: Average Teacher Pay $44,000: There Are Options!

What does it take to make our nation’s “teachers,” ‘supposedly’ some of the most intelligent among us – those entrusted with the minds of our children – to face-down the Unions that are bankrupting our country financially and morally? The leaders of two of the largest Unions, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and the National Education Association (NEA) are paid about $500,000 annually, each, while the average teacher’s salary is $44,000. It’s about Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, Buying Votes. That’s the bottom line and it is ruining the American dream for our kids. Teachers, have you considered the Association of American Educator’s (AAE).

Teachers across the country face pay freezes and possible layoffs, but the heads of the two biggest teachers unions saw their pay jump 20 percent last year, to nearly half a million dollars apiece.

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten’s pay jumped to $407,323 between 2010 and 2011, while her counterpart at the National Education Association, Dennis Van Roekel, got a raise to $362,644. Factor in stipends and other paid expenses and Weingarten took in $493,859 and Van Roekel $460,060 for 2011.

The big salaries drew jeers from many educators and their advocates in the U.S., where the average nationwide salary for teachers is a scant $44,000 a year. By contrast, nearly 600 staffers at the NEA and AFT are raking in six-figure salaries, according to Association of American Educators Executive Director Gary Beckner.

“In terms of salaries, union executives rake in nearly 10 times the average household income and far more than any teacher,” Beckner told FoxNews.com. “Are teachers or anyone in the private sector experiencing those increases in times of financial hardship?” Source: Fox News

The American Federation of Teachers represents one million teachers and associated “educators.” They are against vouchers and the right of parents to choose a school for their children. The AFT spent $1.5 Million on lobbying in 2011.

Remember Michelle Rhee, the pro-voucher D.C. Chancellor of Schools who lost her job after the AFT spent $1 Million to oust her employer, Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty? During Rhee’s very short and effective term, she fired tenured, underperforming teachers and administrators and wanted increased pay for good performing teachers.

Today, the man who took Fenty’s job, “AFT’s Million Dollar Man,” Mayor Vincent Gray is called on to resign for his campaign tactics to get rid of Fenty.

AFT’s $500-Million-Dollar-Woman, Randi Weingarten, says her organization has a “laser-like focus” on how to improve teaching, and have approved a “partnership” a British publisher, the times Educational Supplement, from which teachers can download worksheets and lesson plans. God only know what our children are taught – all sanctioned by the AFT.

Any vigilant parent who routinely checks their children’s text books, won’t have a clue what will show up in the classroom on any given day.

Middle School science teacher Ted Payne is a Republican. He and 70 other Republican teachers say they support the NEA and are reaching out to the GOP to achieve bipartisanship in developing education budgets. Take a look at this:

Several important accomplishments in the last legislative session would not have been possible without the help of Republican friends, said Van Roekel [NEA President], including blocking a proposal for a federal mandatory goal on teacher evaluation; stopping school voucher schemes from becoming a prominent part of the ESEA markup; and protecting personnel files from being made public.

So the background of the teacher who molests a student and is receiving full pay, may be hidden from parents. Taxpayers pay the salaries, but have no right to know that deviants, tax cheats, thieves, non-functioning alcoholics and drug felons are in the classroom, and maybe sitting in a “rubber room” receiving full pay and benefits for years and years:

 What about hiring conservatives. It didn’t work out well for janitor Mary Taylor, who found she had no rights to free speeh.
…For those that are not familiar with the Association of American Educator’s (AAE) AAE, they are a non-partisan, non-union alternative to the National Education Association. It is our opinion that the AAE is the organization for education professionals. The AAE offers dues that are $15 a month, no donations to any political cause, and liability insurance that surpasses that provided by the NEA.

Remember when the American Federation of Teachers HIRED ACORN!

A question would be, why would any Teacher’s Unions, and especially the NEA, want to support an organization [ACORN] that helped a pimp and a prostitute with their plan to smuggle 13-year-old foreign girls into the country for prostitution, and hide the income they would make from the IRS. ~ Maggie’s Notebook April 25, 2010

You know. I know. Every public school in America is underfunded, because the majority of taxpayer funding goes to administration, rather than to the classroom. Every public school in America is ALWAYS underfunded – every year – all the time. We can NEVER provide enough money to America’s schools. It is not possible because administrators steal the America dream from students.

One of the most revealing and important stories on education I’ve found on the web is this one. I hope you will take time to read it. Graphic courtesy of Merry Poppet.

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  • Ben

    Hahhahahaha. You are the same people that constantly remind us that it’s capitalism when a executive makes 300 times a worker. That the CEO’s skills are more marketable and less available and thus require higher pay. Unless the executive is a union exec right? Get a life.

    • Ben, working in a capitalist, private business, you are not forced to join a union, pay dues and know that your money donated to a candidate you do not want in office. The point is that, these unions are doing little for teacher’s, as evidenced by their paychecks, and absolutely nothing for our children.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    I think someone has been duped. I doubt the average teachers pay is $44k. Perhaps it is the median but the actual average is higher. Furthermore the average cost to the government is considerably higher. One of the union “tricks” is to put a lot of their negotiated “raises” into non-pay catagories. The average cost of teachers for communities is closer to $100k. Quite a difference between that and $44k!!!

    • Ben

      I can pull facts out have my butt too. Could you provide a link to your cost to community number?

      • Ben, no one here has been rude to you, so knock it off. Inquire decently or move on. Gone With the Wind Has been exceedingly polite to your ugly and accusing rhetoric.

    • Ben

      Also is you implication that teachers are overpaid?

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  • Teaching is mot only a profession; it is an art form. Sadly, many teachers today only know how to scribble.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    The median value is the one usually reported by teachers unions. The median salary for all high school teachers is $43,676. That means if you took all of the salary ranges from a new hire to a teacher who is about to retire the center or median of that list of salaries is $43,676. Not the same as average, the average is closer to $49,200. This is all teachers in all 50 states. But over the years the unions have worked hard to increase non-salary benefits for teachers so that the average cost to the state/city is close to $100,000 a year and all this for 9 months of work.

    Are teachers overpaid? Probably but we will never know because the union owns and controls the schools and hiring. If we eliminated the union and hired individual teachers without the union interference the costs would probably come down. Once we reached the salary that an informed worker and informed employer working in a free market agree on then we would know what teachers are worth. Until then the tax payer will continue taking it in the shorts to overpay teachers. Interesting side note: If you have children in school then check how many classrooms are in your school and how many teachers work there. I did and found that my son’s middle school had 12 classrooms and 18 teachers. That means at any time during the class day 6 teachers are not working. Another benefit teachers have thanks to the unions that the tax payers have to pay for.