Saudi Prince Bandar Assassinated by Syria? Bandar Appointed Intel Chief Now Dead?

The reports of Prince Bandar bin Sultan are NOT confirmed but are traveling at the speed of light and if DEBKA reports it, it’s worth talking about. Bandar was the “newly appointed” intelligence chief for Saudi Arabia. According to DEBKA, the unconfirmed death is possibly the work of a Syrian “death squad.”

Prince Bandar bin Sultan


 If true, it would shoot a devastating tentacle out from the Syrian conflict to the broader region.

It is widely feared that Saudi rulers are too traumatized to respond by the fear of Iranian penetration of the highest and most closely guarded circles of Saudi government, possibly climaxing in Bandar’s assassination. Source: DEBKA

Speculation is that the death (if there was one) is payback for the Damascus bombing about a week ago which killed Syrian Dictator Bashar Assad’s top war planners, and maybe even a relative or two. Bandar was appointed to the post of Saudi Intel chief the day after the bombing.

He is a former Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. and currently the Secretary General of the Saudi National Security Council.

Is Bandar dead? No one is sure. The reports are out there for some reason, but Saudi officials aren’t talking. Maybe they’re busy checking in on the country’s first female Olympic competitor – in the Judo heavyweight division – wearing a hijab. Thanks to Infinite Unknown for the graphic.

  • Whhy do I have a bad feeling that this is a set-up to expand the war in the Middle-East? Why would Syria do something like this at this time?

  • Ken Meyercord

    It’s instructive that the bombing in Syria, where unfriendly foreign journalists are not allowed and the regime is claimed to rule with a tight fist, was immediately announced by the Syrian government, including the death count, while the bombing in Saudi Arabia, close ally of the world’s most sanctimonious proponent of a free press, remains a mystery, despite foreign reporters being in the country.