Ryan Zinke Former Navy Seal Goes After Obama: Veterans are “Outraged” at Obama

Ryan Zinke is a former Navy Seal and currently a Montana State Senator. He has launched Special Operations for America, a political action committee aimed at putting Mitt Romney in the White House. He says veterans are “outraged” that Obama has taken credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden for political gain, and has put U.S. troops in harm’s way with government security leaks and poor Rules of Engagement. Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC have identified Zinke as a Member of SEAL Team 6 and a disabled veteran, whose daughter is a former Navy Diver. The daughter is married to a SEAL.

Ryan Zinke

“Navy SEAL’s, Special Operations Personnel and Veteran’s across America have been outraged since Barack Obama conveniently took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden for political gain,” a statement announcing the launch of SOFA said. “The active duty military has no voice as they are forbidden to publicly engage in the political campaign process and it is career suicide for senior military leaders to speak out against the President.”

Mr. Zinke, who has frequentlyslammed the president’s handling of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, reiterated his criticisms of the operation.

“The President has failed and he is jeopardizing the safety of our troops, their families and our National security for political gain. Obama has exposed the identity of special operations units, leaked classified information, and limited the rules of engagement of forces on the ground,” said Mr. Zinke. “For those who have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, it is a call of duty to take back America from a Commander-in-Chief that is incapable of understanding the sacrifices that have been made for the values that have made America great.” Source: Politicker

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  • montanaconserv

    Thanks for the post… Zinke also was tapped for Lt. Gov. running mate of Neil Livingstone, but lost in the primary to the GOP’s pet project Rick Hill… It will be exciting here to see Ryan Zinke get more involved in politics.

  • Thank God for this very important truth and the good courage of ZINKE. We are all going to have to “stand our ground” when it comes to the Obamanation’s Commie Muslim evil Godless Regime. I can’t say this enough.

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