Romney Veep Poll: Cast Your Vote

DaleyGator is sponsoring a poll for Mitt Romney’s Veep choice. Vote here or click the pic below. If you are a true conservative you won’t be surprised at who is leading the poll. I’m a true conservative, but a realist. I don’t think the leader, at this moment, is on Romney’s longest of the longest lists. I voted for Marco Rubio because I believe he will bring excitement to the ticket, will have oratory skills that Romney does not have, and will have an excellent chance of winning the Oval Office in 8 years. My heartfelt picks are Allen West, Jim DeMint or Sarah Palin.

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  • Love Rubio.. but Condi would be better

    • Nolan

      I think Condi has more insight.

      • The libs will have a very hard time proving her as stupid.. or find any skeletons.. Her dad defended his family against a mob of Ku Klux Klan.. when she was a little girl. So they can’t say she doesn’t have the black creds… Since that incident, she’s been for gun rights.. She’s had a lot of foreign experience… so she could move right into the Presidents seat if she had to.. and instead of seeing Russia from her house… she’s been there.. lol Man I hate how the press treated Palin

        • David, I believe all of that is true, but believe me, they will attack her in ways you cannot imagine – and I’m betting she wants no part of it. What really bothers me is that she called for a Palestinian State without requiring Palestine to recognize Israel. That’s bothersome in the extreme to me.

  • Condoleeza Rice is an internationalist and a globalist. If anything happened to Romney, we would be in the same boat as we are now.

    • Soldier4110, I tend to think she is a globalist, but think she would be far different from Obama.

  • Got this from the Drudge Report.. It’s an audio of Condi’s speech that got her onto Romney’s list.. Sorry the quality is poor..

  • Aleen West would be great, in my opinion.

    • Ronald J. Ward

      Rice would hurt Romney as she’s admitted to being pro abortion. West, well he’s just bat shit crazy. I don’t see either as being picked.

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  • Hope

    After watching John Sununu deftly handle some of the press in the last few days, he gets my vote.