Pirate’s Cove Has 8th Blogoversary: Congratulations William Teach!

William Teach at Pirate’s Cove celebrated his 8th blogging anniversary yesterday, July 22, 2012. If you know Teach (some call him the Cap’n) you know that he is one of the finest bloggers in the blogosphere. He does an amazing job of keeping track of the environmental crazies. Pirate’s Cove is a one-stop shop for whatever the Globull Warming news of the day happens to be. He’s famous for his charming retro-pinups and still has time for all the daily legislative and Obama outrage. Eight years! I thought 5 years was a long time. If you blog regularly about serious issues, you know the sacrifice and the determination it takes to keep going for 8 years. Please stop by Pirate’s Cove and give him a “thank you” for being among the best on the web for all the news we need to know. 

William Teach, The Cap’n of Pirate’s Cove

Independence Day Pinup

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