Pam Geller at Independence Hall Tea Party: Google and The Marines – Can You Guess What They Did?

Like most American’s, I was enjoying hot dogs, brownies (with peanut butter cups embedded) and homemade ice cream yesterday, on the 4th of July, so I didn’t have time to share some of the celebratory Independence Day posts, (and one that demonstrates how Liberals celebrate – see No. 10 below), so here are my 10 picks among the many that I enjoyed.

1. Listen to, and watch (below), as Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs talks about American Exceptionalism at a meeting of the Independence Hall Tea Party. Pam was “bestowed” with the groups 2012 Liberty Award, a fabulous rendition of the Liberty Bell with her name emblazoned on it. Congratulations Pamela!

Independence Hall Tea Party 2012 Liberty Award Given to Pam Geller

2. PowerLine has two powerful posts, The Eternal Meaning of Independence Day and The Eternal Meaning of Independence Day, Part 2.

3. SENTRY JOURNAL’S John Carey writes: Independence Day: My duty and my responsibility as a citizen.

4. The Other McCain: Fourth of July Message From a Leader.

5. Reaganite Republican has the perfect Independence Day graphic.

6. The Lonely Conservative – she’s actually featured in The Other McCain’s link above, but today she is talking about the U.S. Marines. You won’t guess what they did. The Marines always remind us of freedom, liberty and “independence,” right?

7. Conservative Perspective has a video honoring all those have served in the U.S. Military.

8. Bunkerville: President Ronald Reagan’s address to the Nation, July 4, 1986

9. Adrienne’s Corner: A Message from Benjamin Netanyahu – A Time Not To Take Freedom For Granted

10. Pirate’s Cove: Do you know the story behind Woody Guthrie’s This Land is My Land, This Land is Your Land? You need to know, and you need to know what Google has done. Be sure to follow the link to Glenn Beck.

Pam Geller Speaking at the Independence Hall TEA Party (video)