Palpable Olympic Outrage: US Gets Nurses (Free Health Care), Nannys – No London 7/7 Terrorism Tribute – 1972 Palestinian Massacre of Israelis Unmentionable

As I watched the Olympic Opening night performances last night, I saw lots of gleeful nurses dancing away, dancing on and on – free health care on the way for the world now that the U.S.A has joined the enslaving of citizens. I saw Nanny’s as multiple Mary Poppins descended, surely a symbol for Government everywhere, and I saw a huge and scary baby with a body that rippled. Maybe it was still in the womb. It must have had some meaning – just not sure what. I saw a young couple make eye contact in a crowd, find each other with a lost cell phone and kiss in a way you do not do in front of your parents. I knew that Al Gore didn’t really invent the Internet, but I learned that “Tim” DID invent the World Wide Web. I didn’t see a tribute to dead Munich Olympic athletes, although it was the 40th anniversary of that grievous event. I could have seen the British tribute to the dead and injured in London’s 7/7 terrorist attack, but NBC decided it wasn’t worth showing. At least someone in the media is speaking out. Bob Costas was not happy, and the word is, he took NBC executives by surprise with his comments of the insensitivity of not recognizing Munich. No tribute to the 40th Anniversary of the Palestinian massacre of Israeli Munich Olympic victims for any one across the world to see, and in the U.S., NBC edited out London’s horrific 7/7 terrorist attack and a few moments of tribute to them.

Face Evil – Palestinian Black September

There is no question the 1972 attack on the Athletes Village was one that shocked the world, and for everyone old enough to watch it play out, it remains an enraging and deeply troubling memory today. 1972 – before we knew the words “Islamic Terrorism.”

After September 11, 2001, London was rocked by the suicide attacks of July 7, 2005. Killing civilians using buses and London’s underground system, the violence touched those of us in the U.S. as well. Not quite 4 years had passed for us. We were still raw to the bone, and our strongest ally across the Atlantic was hit. Fifty-two were killed, more than 700 injured. NBC edited it out of their coverage. Their audience, they stated, is the U.S., not Great Britain. Translation: we don’t talk about radical Islam on NBC.

It was the International Olympic Committee (IOC) which decided the Munich Massacre was too sensitive to devote a moment of silence to on opening night (or maybe not important enough, or maybe it was a tribute to the terrorists. Who could know)? How can it be explained?

The Day after the massacre in 1972, with 11 Israeli athletes and officials dead, the Olympic Games were postponed for one day, flags were flown at half-mast, EXCEPT the flags of ARAB COUNTRIES, which continued to fly high and proud.

I can ask why Palestine is allowed to compete in Olympics anywhere in the world, because of the massacre and because their charter promises the demise of Israel. I can assume that many young Palestinian atheletes today regret the Black September attacks and the death of their young Israelis neighbors in such a heinous manner, but I’m not sure there are any such Palestinians existing in the Middle East, of any age. So let’s go back to the question, why is Palestine allowed to compete?


  • Kelly

    Islamic terrorist groups are like the bullies from elementary school and the liberals are their sidekicks. No one wants to upset them and we just keep handing over our lunch money. I can’t wait for the day when the “kids” of the world tell them enough is enough and we won’t be bullied anymore!

    • Kelly, I hope that happens before they convert all the kids.

  • I am glad that I don’t watch these bs games. I understand that London paid 20 million pounds to the IOC to get the games. (Rio paid $25 million.)

    As for a moment of silence, the IOC says that if they give one for the Israelis they have to give one for the Palestinians that were also killed there.

  • I saw a preview of the opening ceremony and decided to skip it as soon as they showed the tribute to the NHS. Then tonight I was watching and my good time was interrupted by an Obama ad.

    • LC, I’m loving the women’s (girls really) gymnastics. Only got to see a little bit of the men last night. Hated the opening.

  • I saw the whole ceremony, mainly because I thought it’s post-worthy. It’s sad. it’s really a warning to us about what happens in socialist countries. They couldn’t think of anything great about their country other then NHS and their little pop songs. Sad.