Occupy Movement: Roach Motel for Scum – Principle of Lawlessness

Driving to Tulsa’s New Fresh market this morning, I heard Neal Boortz say that an Occupier decided to chain-open subway gates so that the 1% didn’t have to pay for their ride. Police arrived, broke the chain and took it to the lab. According to Boortz, DNA of the murderer of Sarah Fox in 2004 was found on the chain. After a commercial break, Boortz came back and said he had just received news that the DNA was contaminated in the lab. The story Stacy McCain wrote about the Occupy Movement and Ms. Fox, before the contaminated DNA was announced, still aptly goes to the bigger story of the Occupy Movement – “wretched” and “villainous” and decidedly criminal in ways you and I cannot comprehend.

Jew-haters, commies, psychotics, rapists — The Occupy movement is like a roach-motel for scum.” ~ Robert Stacy McCain

Beyond the tragic death of Sarah Fox, Stacy describes what crimes against humanity, of all types, means to you and me, and how the Occupy Movement embodies a certain principle, read it here, that some of us associate with the Obama administration (my words, not his).

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  • This bizarre era where the US president glorifies useless trash like this is thankfully coming to an end- how sweet it is to contemplate their coming demise!

  • “Roach Motel for Scum” … I love it.

  • Z

    But the OWS fans say the crimes don’t represent ALL OWS people!
    Yet, let ONE JERK hold up a NAZI sign (probably planted by the left) at a Tea Party event and “Look at all those AWFUL PEOPLE…” the fun never quits.
    contaminated in the lab? What’s that about?

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