Obama Lowers Flags to Half Mast in Memory of Colorado Shooting Victims: Ft. Hood Massacre – Not So Fast

When 14 persons (one unborn), most of them military personnel on the base at Ft. Hood, Texas, were murdered by Islamic terrorist and U.S. Military Colonel Major Nidal Hasan, America’s flags were not lowered to half mast until the next day. Today, by at least 2:30 pm EDT, the order came down from on high to lower our flags in a sign of mourning for the victims of today’s murders inside an Aurora Colorado movie theatre showing the much awaited Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

In the case of Ft. Hood, Obama had to be bullied into the national gesture of mourning by Texas patriot, Anita Ross:

FYI…the White House/staff had no intention of lowering the flags…in fact, early Friday AM after the “closet Muslim terrorist” had finished his “atrocity against Army” warriors, the flags were raised to “full staff.”

Anita burned up the phone lines in D.C. and in Texas…Congressmen/women…Governor Perry’s office…White House…all heard from her as she “assaulted the arrogance” of the clueless bureaucrats who mostly despise our military…demanding that honor be shown by lowering the flags.

She was stonewalled, ignored, shunned…everywhere but in Texas.

When it became obvious that the Liar-in-Chief and his team were completely ignorant, insensitive and insipid toward the “atrocity” (not “tragedy”) at Ft. Hood…Read the rest of the story at Pam Geller’s

In the meantime, Liberal press has already erroneously reported that today’s murderer, James E. Holmes, was a member of a Colorado TEA Party. He wasn’t. Then ABC corrected the story with no apology, and later issued an apology.

Don’t misunderstand my meaning here. Flags should be lowered when the President decides they should be lowered, but his attitude toward the Ft. Hood killings continues to appall. Read my continuing  ongoing reports on today’s shooting here.

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  • I forgot about that Maggie.. the flag not flown half staff till the next day.. What disrespect for our soldiers and their families.
    Just wait.. O is going to use this to boost his poles.

    • David, he has to (bleep) on the Second Amendment to use it, and I don’t think it will work. Fast and Furious and Arizona SB1070 shows that these people cannot be trusted with the safety of this country – but I agree with you, they will try.

  • You’ve earned yourself a glass of wine, maybe several. You did a great job of keeping on top of this.

    • Grumpy, thank you and I’ve already had a nice glass tonight. It’s 100 deg on our patio. We did a pork tenderloin in the inside oven, then had fresh sauteed spinach and sliced tomatoes with reduced balsamic and some of my hordes of fresh basil that I can’t keep up. Didn’t care much for the wine though. It was a Cab/Merlot blend and we don’t usually buy them. Did so on the recommendation of the store manager.

      Thanks so much for the nice compliment. I really appreciate it.

  • The Ann Romney’s ‘You People’ Gaffe Goes Viral
    Ann Romney defended her husband’s decision to not release any additional tax records during an interview on Thursday morning, saying that “we’ve given all you people need to know” about her family’s financial records.

    The “you people” remark immediately sparked a outpouring of responses on Twitter, eventually leading the “You People hashtag to become a U.S. trending topic.

    Twitter users upset with Ann Romney’s comments generally fell into one of two categories: those that believe the Romney family should release tax records because of their extraordinary wealth, and those those took offense to the phrase “you people,” which has historically been used with an air of racism.

    This is one reason why I hate liberals. they are blood suck disgusting animals…they want to be treated with respect and know that even though they are scum most conservatives will treat them that way.
    They of course having been raised without manners of even the concept of manners do not have to treat other human beings that way.

    It is all part of the liberal zombie agenda.
    They are the most vile of humanity. Totally without souls, putrid, evil twisted morons. There simply aren’t enough adjectives to describe slime like this. There is something seriously wrong with them. And as for the the Colorado theater tragedy, Liberals never let a good tragedy or crisis go to waste!
    My heart goes out to all the victims of this horrible, senseless tragedy.

    That being said, I can hardly wait to see how long it takes these Progressive bloggers, talk-show hosts like Piers Morgan, George Stephanopoulos, or some other POS liberal talking head on CNN or PMSNBC to try to blame this on the TEA party, , or some other Conservative group.

    Nothing Wrong Obama With Politicizing A Tragedy.. But then again, they’d use anything to change the topic from “you didn’t do it Yourself” speech!

    • Geo

      Bravo! [everything in bold, of course]

      Buy that lady/gent a six pack, it’s on meme.

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  • Matthew C. Genung

    Fort Hood didn’t happen when Obama was running for reelection.

    • Obama and the Islamics are True Blood brothers! So that fits because an Islamic did the shooting at Ft. Hood but an OWS did this shooting in Colorado. Still something doesn’t fit? This story is not told, by any stretch here. Not so fast and furious – hummm! Makes you wonder how Holmes got those arms, as it is reported. Don’t believe all you hear, with this Obama Regime:?????
      Are we sure this travesty today at the movie in Colorado isn’t about gun control? Or, God Forbid, to get our attention away from the DOJ, WH Leaks, Joe Arpaio truth about BHO BC, Obamacare, Taxes and the small business owners.
      Maybe they better check to see if the guns, used in the movie attack, the mortar, 100 bullet magazine, etc didn’t come from Fast and Furious. Just a thought. . .
      Obama has many tricks up his sleeve, so up his! BHO can really play the part, appearing as an “angel of light” in the Dark Knight.

  • My blood is boiling.

    Linked at Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

  • JoeAstroturf

    Obama was also seen praying to Allah thanking him it wasn’t some Fast and Furious guns involved in the Jokers murders for a change. He’s sure glad he has only gotten border agents and 300 poor Mexicans killed so far. He did have his MSM boys trying to blame the tea party. Teabagging Anderson Cooper (not that there’s anything wrong with that) hasn’t spoken yet because he knows his network isn’t long for the air waves at least.,

    Song “Arizona we’re proud of you” .

    Verses about 1070.

    Even though Fast and Furious Eric Holder hasn’t read it
    If you’re an American , not Jihadi or Hamas he’ll discredit it

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  • Christina Smythe

    This is a tragic loss. I send all prayers to the victims’ families. Someone created a memorial page for these victims on Evertalk within Facebook. There is a memorial fund on this page and people can donate to help the families of the victims of this terrible tragedy. Here’s the page.

    • Jacklyn Johnson

      May comfort find their family and friends and help them in this most difficult time. Thanks for the heads up on the Evertalk memorial page Christina. I will make sure to visit it.