Obama Knows More About Foreign Armies and Jihadist Weapons Than He Knows About US Military

Disclaimer: I don’t have much knowledge about high-powered weapons, so there’s that…but, this week, Obama told the National Urban League that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals.” He knows more about the weapons used by Third World foreign armies and jihadists, than about our own military.


However, U.S. military does not generally use the AD-47, a weapon originally developed in the Soviet Union that was subsequently adopted by many other communist states. The AK-47 also became the weapon of choice for guerilla armies and terrorist groups.

Today, AK-47s are typically to be found among enemy forces that U.S. troops encounter on the battlefield. Source: Breitbart

Our President hasn’t a clue what our Military uses to defend this country, other than he wants to ban and defund most of whatever those defenses are.

The article goes on to say that the AK-47 is “relatively inexpensive,” can be bought on the black market across the globe, for about $10 each in someplaces. Chicago might be one of those places. UPDATE 9:15pm CDT: Steven Givler has some pertinent questions and a thought about private citizen gunownershipPhoto Credit

Linked by Grumpy at Grumpy Opinions, and he has one: More “Blacks are Incapable” Obama Racism

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  • The AK isn’t as accurate or as reliable as a mil-spec AR/Stone (or even the old Garand) design. So I give the Golfer-in-chief a pass: AKs belong in the hands of the (enemy’s) military.

    Then again, he (treacherously) sent a LOT of AKs to Mexico…

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  • AK’s have been in the hands of our enemies. all of them, at least as far back as Vietnam- I’m not sure about Korea

  • I still have the children’s book “The Stupids Step Out” by Harry Allard that I used to read to my children when they were small. They laughed at it along with me seeing just how stupid people could be in every way.
    This Obama and his crew in the WH are more stupid than the characters in the book. Never seen anything like this idiot Obama, with every word out his stupid mouth he gets worse by the day. Obama is a real danger to America because as Ed Kline says in THE AMATEUR, “Obama doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.” How clueless can anyone get,saying we have 57 states, etc. Jay Carney didn’t even know what the capital of Israel is, and the beat goes on.
    Very Scary!