Nevada Senate Race: Republican Dean Heller vs Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkley – Berkley Terrified of Pelosi?

The Nevada U.S. Senate race is one of the most important in the general election. It is critical that we hold the seat, and there are good reasons for conservatives to get behind Senator Heller. Incumbent Nevada Senator Dean Heller (R-NV) is challenged by Democrat Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV). Berkley won the seat in the House when Rep. John Ensign moved from the House to the Senate. When Senator Ensign resigned, Heller was a Nevada U.S. Congressman. In May 2011 he was appointed to Ensign’s Senate seat.

Dean and Lynne Heller

While Heller has been in the Senate for only a short while, his votes have been public since he entered the House in January 2007.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has applauded Heller for opposing an anti-Second Amendment Nevada District Judge.

ACT! for America Positions 2009-2010 – 90%

Arab American Institute Positions 2009-2010 – 5%

American Conservative Union Lifetime score – 89%

American Conservative Union Positions 2009 – 92%

American’s for Legal Immigration 2012 have endorsed.

Americans for Prosperity Positions  2009-2008 – 90%

Americans for Tax Reform 2007 – 100%

Christian Coalition of America Positions 2009-2010 – 100%

Citizens Against Government Waste Positions 2010 – 80%

Club for Growth Positions 2011 – 78% (scored 94% in 2010!)

Concerned Women for America Positions 2011 – 83% (95% 2009-2010)

Eagle Forum (Phyllis Schlafly) Positions 2009 – 95%

English First Positions 2007 – 100%

Family Research Council Positions 2011 – 100%

Gun Owners of American Positions 2011 – 100%

National Rifle Association Positions 2008 – A

National Right to Life Committee Positions 2011 – 100%

National Security Council Foundation Positions 2010 – 100%

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council Positions 2009-2010 – 95%

United States Chamber of Commerce Positions 2009-2010 – 88%

United States English – US House Score – 100%

Veterans – Disabled Veterans House of Representatives 2009 – 100%

Veterans – Vietnam Veterans of America Positions – 50%

Ratings compiled from ProjectSmart – see more here.

Heller is a former Treasurer, Chief Deputy State of Nevada, a former stock broker, a stock car driver, a founding board member of Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada, and a member of the Advisory Board of Nevada’s Foster Grandparent Program. He is the son stock driver Jack “Blackjack” Heller:

Then there’s Dean Heller, U.S. Senator for Nevada.

Now with this weekend’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it wasn’t surprising to see Heller at the track on Saturday, schmoozing his constituents.

But unlike his fellow politicians, one thing differentiates Heller from the others: He’s a real, honest-to-goodness racer, not a wanna-be rubbing elbows with fans just for votes.

Heller is the son of Jack “Blackjack” Heller, a champion Carson City, Nev., stock racer. Growing up, Dean also worked at his father’s businesses, Heller’s Carson Transmission and Heller’s Engine Shop.

“My father raced sprint cars, stock cars, supermodifieds, all those growing up,” said Heller in an exclusive interview with “Since I can remember, I was at a racetrack somewhere every weekend. So it’s in the family.”

The younger Heller regularly competed at the now-defunct Champion Speedway in Carson City, where in 2004 he was rookie of the year in the Open Modifieds division. In addition, Heller raced trucks in the ASA Speed Truck Challenge at LVMS.

“I’ve probably raced for 25 years now,” Heller said. “In everything from dirt to asphalt. I do some road racing now and IMCA super late models to late models, you name it. Dirt, asphalt, I didn’t care what it was. When you’ve got it in your blood … if I’m in a race car going 160, 170 mph, I’m happy.”

Rep. Shelley Berkley is currently embroiled in allegations of Ethics violations concerning “communications and activities” involving issues her husband has an interest in. Details in this ABC July 10, 2010 report.

Shelley Berkley

From the National Republican Senatorial Committee:

While we rarely agree with Senate Democrat Leader Harry Reid, we do agree with his assessment that Shelley Berkley’s “flamboyant Vegas-centric personality” will cause hemorrhaging in pivotal Washoe County.

Additionally, throughout her 14-year career in the House of Representatives, Shelley Berkley has become a backbench Representative who follows Nancy Pelosi’s orders and rubberstamps President Barack Obama’s failed economic agenda into law.

Meanwhile, the always likeable Dean Heller has proven that he’s beholden to no one and has always fought tirelessly for the people of Nevada.

Dean Heller’s Record:

Dean Heller Was The Only Person In The Nevada Delegation To Vote Against TARP.  (H.R. 1424, CQ Vote #681: Agreed To 263-171: R 91-108; D 172-63, 10/3/08, Heller Voted Nay)

Dean Heller Opposed President Barack Obama’s Failed $825 Billion Stimulus. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 46: Adopted 244-188: R 0-177; D 224-11, 1/28/09, Heller Voted Nay; H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 70: Adopted 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, 2/13/09, Heller Voted Nay)

Dean Heller Opposed President Barack Obama’s $1.76 Trillion Job-Killing Healthcare Bill.  (H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #165: Motion Agreed To 219-212: R 0-178; D 219-34, 3/21/10, Heller Voted Nay)

Dean Heller Supports A Balanced Budget Amendment To Get Washington’s Fiscal House Back In Order.

Shelley Berkley’s Liberal Record:

Berkley Voted To Approve The TARP Program. (H.R. 1424, CQ Vote #681: Agreed To 263-171: R 91-108; D 172-63, 10/3/08, Berkley Voted Yea)

Berkley Voted In Favor Of The $787 Billion House-Passed “Stimulus” Bill. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 46: Adopted 244-188: R 0-177; D 224-11, 1/28/09, Berkley Voted Yea; H.R. 1, CQ Vote # 70: Adopted 246-183: R 0-176; D 246-7, 2/13/09, Berkley Voted Yea)

Berkley Voted For The Final Version Of The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Health Care Bill That President Obama Later Signed Into Law. (H.R. 3590, CQ Vote #165: Motion Agreed To 219-212: R 0-178; D 219-34, 3/21/10, Berkley Voted Yea)

Berkley Opposes A Balanced Budget Amendment That Would Rein In Her Reckless Spending Habits. 

• Shelley Berkley supports a national energy tax that would raise taxes and increase the cost of gasoline, heating oil and other energy sources. The President himself admitted the cap-and-trade plan is designed to force prices to skyrocket.

• Shelley Berkley voted against the Keystone pipeline three times, which would have created 20,000 American jobs and invested $5.4 billion in the United States economy.

• Shelley Berkley has voted against increasing energy production and lowering gas prices as many as twenty times.

• Shelley Berkley voted against streamlining regulations to help promote renewable energy sources like wind, solar and geothermal on federal lands.

• Just last month, Shelley Berkley voted to preserve a burdensome regulatory process that would inhibit development of geothermal energy.

• Shelley Berkley also voted against development of oil shale energy and opposed providing companies the regulatory certainty they need to hire.

Famous Las Vegas Casino and Hotel magnate Steve Wynn says he had a conversation with Shelley Berkley about ObamaCare. Berkley’s husband is a doctor. Democrats in Nevada’s 1st congressional district have a powderpuff for a representative if the conversation is accurate:

“I called her during Obamacare. I said, ‘Shelley, what are you doing? How do you do this? This is killing the unions and all of us that are supplying health care to our employees,’ ” Wynn told Cavuto.

“And she said to me — quote — quote — now this is not hearsay. Shelley said to me — and she is running for the Senate — ‘Steve, I know it is terrible. My husband is a doctor. He hates it, too. But if I don’t vote for it, she will punish me,’ she being [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi.

“And I said, ‘Shelley, every politician that has ever sold out their constituency has had a lame, terrible rationalization like the one you just gave me. Don’t ever call me again.’

“She says, ‘I am sorry you are disappointed in me. I still love you.’

“And we ended the conversation. That is politics in America today.” Source.

The most current poll I can find is the AFP July 16-17, 2012: Heller, 45% Berkley 42%. The Real Clear Politics Average April 30-July 17th is Heller 46.5%, Berkley 42.3%

Dean Heller is 52 years old, married to Lynne. They have 4 children and one granddaughter. His religion is Mormon.
All politics are NOT local. Every vote Shelley Berkley has cast in the House of Representatives, and will cast in the U.S. Senate if she wins the Senate seat, has affected, and will affect my family here in Oklahoma. So, while you may not be a Nevadan, please take an interest in this race, which is considered among the 10 most important Senate races across the country. Visit Dean Allen for US Senate here. Donate if you can. Blog his conservative qualities. If you live in Nevada, tell your friends.