Napolitano Says Texas Lying About Mohamed Elibiary: She’s Offended at Louie Gohmerts “Insinuations”

Back in October 2011 Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) questioned Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about Mohamed Elibiary, a member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with a high level security clearance who allegedly accessed, illegally from his home computer, a Texas State and Local Intelligence Community database. Napolitano denied knowing anything about it, and told Gohmert she would personally do the investigation. See the video below.

Mohamed Elibiary

Gohmert charged that Elibiary shopped information marked For Official Use Only, [classified] about Texas Governor Rick Perry and other Texas officials, to a left-leaning media outlet. See my original article from January 2012 for details.

Flash forward to this week, and Gohmert has Napolitano back before the House Judiciary Committee for questioning. He wanted to know what her personal investigation into the matter found. She found nothing.

Napolitano said the charges are “false,” “misleading,” and “objectionable.” Gohmert said people in her Department are lying to her. The Texas Department of Public Safety said Elibiary DID ACCESS THE INFORMATION, with his own private computer. He DID download the documents. The only thing the Texas Department of Public Safety could not confirm was that the information was “shopped” to news outlets.

Here’s a loose, partial transcript.

GOHMERT: Are you saying before this Congress right now, that as Secretary of Homeland Security, that it is a lie that Mohamed Elibiary downloaded material from a classified website using the secret security clearance you gave him? Are you saying that’s a lie?

NAPOLITANO: I’m saying that is in accurate. That is correct.

GOHMERT: All right. What is inaccurate about it?

NAPOLITANO: A number of things. First of all, we have several people on the Homeland Security Advisory Committee that are Muslim [Moos-lum]. They’ve been helping Law Enforcement for a long time. Mr. Elibiary, himself, was recognized by the FBI…

GOHMERT: I didn’t say anything about that so if you…could confine your answers to what I said and what you find misleading in it…

NAPOLITANO: One of the things I find misleading in it is that he somehow downloaded classified documents.

GOHMERT: So you’re saying that the State and Local Intelligence of Community of Interest Database is not classified?

NAPOLITANO: I’m saying that he…as far as I know…he did not download classified documents.

GOHMERT: One of the games that gets played by some people who come up here and testify is that they have somebody not provide them with adequate information so that they can come in here and say “so far as I know,” “not to my knowledge,” that kind of thing, and they obscure the truth.

Has Elibiary’s status on Homeland Security Advisory Council changed?


GOHMERT: It did not bother you that he did access information?

NAPOLITANO: Uh…he accessed some information. What bothers me, quite frankly, is the allegations made against anyone who happens to be Muslim.

GOHMERT: Well, the allegations are not because he is Muslim…[snip]…this administration seems to have a hard time recognizing members of terrorist groups who are allowed into the White House. You are aware of that happening, aren’t you?

NAPOLITANO: Absolutely not.

GOHMERT: The evidence speaks for itself. Obviously you are kept in the dark on a lot of these things.

Are you aware of what the Freedom and Justice Party is in Egypt?

NAPOLITANO: Uh, Representative…

(someone cuts in and finally asks Napolitano to answer the question)


GOHMERT: Are you aware that Mr. Elibiary’s Foundation, which has now had their charter pulled because they failed to provide the information that the government requires to keep their 501(3)c status…are you aware you aware that that Foundation was called the Freedom and Justice Foundation?

NAPOLITANO: Representative, I’m not going to get into a debate about some of this…

GOHMERT: I’m asking you if you know simple facts…I don’t want a debate. This is a question and answer. Are you aware of that being the name of Elibiary’s Foundation that has now lost it’s 501(3)c status pulled.

NAPOLITANO: The insinuation…

GOHMERT: Can you answer the question – there’s no insinuation. Please answer just the question.

NAPOLITANO: Mr. Representative, with all respect, I believe you are insinuating that I and members of my staff…

GOHMERT: I’m not insinuating anything. I’m asking a direct question…The question is very simple. Are you aware of his Freedom and Justice Foundation?

(someone interrupts and says “let me say to the Gentlemen from Texas, I don’t think he’s going to get a different answer)

GOHMERT: Then I ask the assistance of the chairman to direct the witness to answer the question, as asked. It’s very simple. It’s yes or no.

(someone says “we’ll give the witness the opportunity to give a final answer. Yes.)

NAPOLITANO: Mr. Chairman, I would just like to say for this Committee…

GOHMERT: That does not sound like a yes or no.

GOHMERT: The answer is non-responsive.

NAPOLITANO: Mr. Chairman, I didn’t know this was a court with rules of evidence. I was hoping I could explain my answer.

GOHMERT: Mr. Chairman, my question was a yes or no question. Anything but a yes or no answer…and the reason there are rules of evidence so that witnesses don’t just go off on a lark – avoiding the question.

(Gohmert’s time expired.)

Napolitano speaks again and says “the insinuation that I and my staff would allow someone who is a terrorist to infiltrate…”

GOHMERT: I have not insinuated that Elibiary is a terrorist…he’s a very nice gentleman. I’ve met him a couple of times…there’s no such insinuation.

That the Secretary of Homeland Security would come in here and make such an allegation that …

The committee adjourned amid the heated exchange.

Freedom and Justice is the party of the new leadership in Egypt, and the new President Mohammed Morsi. It is the Muslim Brotherhood. You can see from this exchange, with a Republican heading the committee, and a Republican asking the questions, that Democrats run circles around us. Gohmert tried. The chairman would not face the issue. The Judiciary Committee Chairman is Lamar Smith (R-TX). Whether it is his voice, or whether he is the person referred to as “Mr. Chairman,” I don’t know.

Mohamed Elibiary sits on the “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group. Of the 26 members, he is the only one with a security clearance to access the state databases with sensitive information about residents.

Napolitano ignored the Texas investigation that concluded that he absolutely DID illegally access the Texas database. They know he shopped the information about Governor Rick Perry, but can’t get anyone in the press to talk and prove it – but they do know he accessed confidential information.

Napolitano was allowed to refuse to address the facts or the questions. Pitiful. The Islamization of America continues and Congressman Michelle Bachmann is in the middle of it. She has taken a very courageous stance. Read it here, and be sure to click the link to her letter to Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison. 


Louie Gohmert Questions Janet Napolitano on Mohamed Elibiary (video)

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