Maine 1 of Top 10 US Senate Races: Repub Charlie Summers Needs TEA Party and Paul Backers Enthusiastic Support

If you want to believe Maine is a lost cause with the departure of RINO Republican Senator Olympia Snowe, you can think that way. I don’t dispute that you are probably more right than not, but we have to keep that to ourselves and get out the vote for Charlie Summers, the Republican candidate, who is currently Maine’s Secretary of State. In the past, Summers endorsed Tea Party candidate Scott D’Amboise against Snowe and Snowe apparently won’t forget it, forgive it or share her campaign coffers with him, although before the primary, Snowe said she would support the Republican candidate.  TEA Party leaders and Paul followers are not jazzed about Summers, and I’m asking why?

Charlie and Ruth Summers with children

In the 2012 Maine primary, D’Amboise, considered a TEA Party candidate, lost to Summers. It was a crowded field of 6 Republicans. He classified Summers, who supported him at one time, as a “Snowe clone.”

In addition to not endorsing Olympia Snowe, Summers has espoused positions that are certainly to the right of Snowe’s. For instance, in answers to questions from the Bangor Daily News, Summers said that he had signed the Norquist pledge not to raise taxes and supports the Ryan budget plan, which would voucherize Medicare and block grant Medicaid.  He also said he does not think climate changing is occurring…Summers supports access to legal abortion only in cases of rape, incest, and threat to the life of the woman.

Three candidates considered “conservatives” lost to Summers, along with two considered “moderates” and to the left of Summers. There a message there if you want to accept it.

Polling does not look promising for Summers. Independent Angus King, a former Maine Governor has a favorability of 55% to Summers’ 27%. King “currently works on issues of sustainable and renewable energy.” Independents generally caucus with Democrats. If Democrats retain the Senate, Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Lee Bingaman (D-NM) will be pleased to welcome King to the table. The upside is that Summers’ is second behind King with a good lead over Democrat Cynthia Dill with 7%, and 9% undecided as of  July 11, 2012.

King’s Independent ethics led him to donate $16,000 to the Obama Victory Fund and Obama for America in 2011-2012 and $6,000 to the DNC.

While claiming to be an independent, Angus King is proving to be anything but.  King is an ardent supporter of ObamaCare, has donated thousands of dollars to the President’s re-election campaign, has a record of raising taxes and supports job-killing environmental rules and regulations…

As Governor, King promised not to raise taxes, but flipped and supported raising taxes on gas and cigarettes and even criticized Mainers for a lack of willingness to pay taxes.

In 2000, Angus King had a budget surplus of over $300 million, but he left office with a $1 billion shortfall.  Along the way, King raided the state’s Rainy Day Fund, leaving no money for certain state services.

Most notably, however, after leaving Mainers with the staggering billion dollar deficit King walks out of office telling his predecessor that he should increase taxes. Source: National Republican Senatorial Committee

Summers is the candidate for the State of Maine, considered one of the 10 most important Senate races in the Nation. We must keep the Republican seat for Maine and while Republican primary voters may not have picked the most conservative, they didn’t pick the most moderate either.

Snowe’s Campaign War Chest Not Available for Summers?

Snowe abruptly ended her campaign in February, citing partisan gridlock in the Senate. She did so with $2.36 million in campaign cash, which she later said would be used partially to back “like-minded” candidates.

Summers would seem a likely recipient. Snowe has a long history of supporting Maine Republicans who run for Congress, including Summers, who got $5,300 from her political action committee in 2008 during his bid for the First District congressional seat.

Snowe employed Summers as her state director for six years, and later helped him win the post as regional administrator for the U.S. Small Business Association.

But now, Snowe isn’t making any firm financial commitment to her former staffer.

John Richter, Snowe’s chief of staff, said Thursday that she will support Summers as “the duly chosen Republican nominee.”

“She has a variety of options as to how to use her funds to help Republican candidates up and down the ticket, as she intends to do, although we haven’t made any decisions on how to specifically allocate those funds as of yet,” Richter said.

Snowe’s hedging stems from Summers’ decision last year not to endorse Snowe in her race against tea party-backed Scott D’Amboise.

Snowe had been targeted by the tea party, and as she ramped up her campaign against D’Amboise she approached Republican leaders in Maine for endorsements that could blunt a tea party surge against her.

Payback is hell, but it takes a rare strength of principle to publicly stand for a TEA Party candidate over your former boss. We need such principles in Washington, D.C. It’s the one gripe I have about Sarah Palin. She supported John McCain over J.D. Hayworth. I love Palin – she thought she was being principled and loyal, I suspect.

Charlie Summers

Summers Bio:

● A Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

● Served in the Pentagon for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

● Served as State Director for US Senator Olympia Snowe

● Served in the Maine State Senate

● Regional Administrator of the the U.S. Small Business Administration

● Currently serves as Maine’s Secretary of State

● 53 Years Old, married to Ruth, three children

Summers is endorsed by Maine’s Associated Builders and Contractors which says he understands the importance of jobs:

Pivotal in ABC’s endorsement of Summers is his opposition to legislation that would eliminate the traditional secret ballot election in union organizing efforts once union bosses have convinced enough workers (a simple majority) to sign a card in public.

He has a perfect rating at Freedom Works and was endorsed by the NRA in 2008.

Snowe RINO on display: 

● Snowe joined two other Republicans backing Obama’s $787B Stimulus

● Snowe is pro-choice and voted against a ban on partial birth abortions

● Snowe supported Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court

● Snowe joined two other Republicans in voting for Dodd-Frank

Yet…yet, some Maine TEA Party members and Ron Paul devotees are having a tough time getting behind Summers’ campaign? It’s one thing for a state with a majority of Liberal voters to not vote for Summers. It’s different animal when Conservatives, who have two choices, vote for Summers or stay home, say they will vote, but they will not help him win.

If you didn’t like Snowe because she was too moderate, your feelings toward Summers have be much warmer, much fuzzier regardless of a perceived lack of perfect conservatism.

All politics are NOT local. Every vote Snowe has cast affected me and my family here in Oklahoma, you and your family wherever you are. Visit Summers’ website. He is grossly underfunded in his battle against Angus King. Donate if you can. Blog about him if you can. Email an article about him if you can.

Republican Charlie Summer – US Senate for Maine (video)

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