Judicial Watch Sues US Navy – Osama bin Laden: What Rites and Rituals Buried Him?

The U.S. Navy has refused to hand over details of how Osama bin Laden was buried at sea. Information on rituals and rites for the terrorist have been requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For the first time, I’m hearing that a Muslim seaman said an “appropriate prayer,” and washed and wrapped the killer in an “appropriate cloth.” Who knew the U.S. Navy would have such a cloth handy.

USS Vinson

The al-Qaida leader’s carcass was reportedly dumped into the sea from the USS Carl Vinson within 24 hours of his May 2, 2011 death at the hands of a Navy SEALs team. In accordance with Muslim law and Navy regulations, the burial should have included a prayer requesting that Allah permit bin Laden to “enter paradise” and “save him from the trials of grave and the punishment of hell.”

Why is the U.S. Navy concerned about saving bin Laden from the punishment of hell?

Barack Obama is playing politics with bin Laden’s death and ignoring the rule of law – especially the transparency laws that his appointees violate with impunity,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch. “I suspect the Obama administration is embarrassed by the burial ceremony, which explains our having to go to court to get basic information about this important piece of history.”

The lawsuit against the Navy joins a list of other suits Judicial Watch has filed against the Obama administration. In 2011 the organization filed a FOIA request for pictures and videos of bin Laden’s dead body, but a judge blocked access to the records on April 26, 2012.

Judicial Watch also sued the administration and CIA for access to communications between movie producer Kathryn Bigelow and the White House. Judicial Watch did obtain the records, unveiling the administrations’ plans to provide Bigelow and fellow producer Mark Boal access to classified information about the bin Laden raid in preparation for a film about the operation.

The White House describes the disposal of bin Laden’s body:

“the body was placed on a prepared flat board, tipped up and the deceased’s body was eased into the sea”.

The Telegraph:

Eased? That’s “eased” into the sea from the USS Carl Vinson, an aircraft carrier which, from mast tip to keel, is the height of a 24-storey building.

If the deck’s about 100ft above the sea, then the gangling frame of the world’s most wanted was “tipped”, maybe even “chucked”, overboard. But eased is the word, because even after blowing off half of bin Laden’s head, the US knows it  needs to appear decent and respectful to Islam…

After breaking news today that the FBI believes there are at least a dozen, maybe many more, extremist Muslims inside the US Military, ready to commit jihad at any time, it’s disturbing that a “Muslim seaman” would know an “appropriate prayer” and how to wash and wrap a body. Doubly troubling is that the Navy took care to show respect for this evil man.

Update thought:The UK Telegraph may think the US needs to “be respectful to Islam,” but we are told bin Laden is not a moral representation of the great religion of peace, so he should have been sent to the deep in his soiled undershorts.

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  • The question that, ” Who knew the U.S. Navy would have such a cloth handy.” to wrap OBL in? If there are Muslims that serve on board the carrier, and they had to be buried at sea in time of battle, then yes they’d have the appropriate materials on board to give them a proper burial at sea.
    I served on the USS Lexington in the late 60s. I participated in several burials at sea.. actually was put in charge of an urn filled with someone’s ashes. That was buried at sea. You dress in your dress uniforms and the crew took part in a very reverent service. Yes the deck was almost a 100 feet from the water, they could have dumped his ass from the hanger bay. Lots of opening there and much closer to the ocean. They do ease the body over. It slowly slips off the board. Slipping slowly from under whatever flag or cloth covering the body. Just thought I’d give you the experience that I’ve had with this when I was on the Lexington from 1967 to 1969. I personally would have like to have seen OBL stuffed in a 16 inch gun on a battleship and shot out.. Oh well, I wasn’t in charge.. lol

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  • cali

    I have lots of problems with the “kill obl story’.
    You have to remember, just as Corsi’s book came out, obama had to divert attention from his BC issue; he first posted a forged BC on the white house server – it did not work. Two weeks later – voila – out of the blue OBL was killed by obama.
    Now, before obama even gave his victory speech; there were about 1,000 of his college supporter already awaiting him. How could that be that they were already assembled before anybody even knew?
    He claimed at first, that DNA was collected, analyses and immediatedly matched. That’s impossible-DNA takes longer than a couple of hrs. Next, the story changed so many times; at the end there was no live feedfrom the Seal Team-yet, when you look at the pic of them sitting in a room (which was not the situation) everybody stared at something. What where they looking at when there was no live feed? Obama still had his golf jacket on, hillary covered her mouth like she was in shock, even though later she said that she was coughing.
    This was nothing but a false flag to distract from the forged BC; OBL had been dead for years as per Bhenazir Bhutto, who said so in 2007.
    Since when do we give special burial treatment to a murderer of 3,000 people, our enemy at sea? Why the special treatment of the muslim?
    Nothing matches, but we’ll never know because soon thereafter, a chinook chopper with 21 Seals – all cramped in a chopper they should not have been in, were conveniently set up to be killed by attacking in with an RPG.
    Who leaked the info to the taliban, that the chopper would be there at that time, and that specific place to be shot down conveniently during late night time hrs??? Is it because we have the muslim brotherhood in the current admin, who know what, when and where?
    Nobody I know off believes theses murders ‘just so conveniently happened’.

    After obummer get thrown out, there needs to be a thourough investigation, incl the hollywood access to secret documents by the CIA and DOD. Only then will we find the truth!

  • Don Laird

    I would have fed him to the pigs…….seriously, just thrown his carcass in with a dozen ravenous pigs…..or dumped him into a pot-a-potty at the annual Chili and Burrito cook-off in El Paso, Texas…….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

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