Jordan King Abdullah: No Coming Back From Abyss – Especially if Syrias Assad Uses Chemicals on Population

Jordan’s King Abdullah believes Syria is bringing the Middle East close to “full out civil” war and it will be “messy” for the region (meaning “messy” for all dictators now in power as new dictators try to step up and into the throne room). He also thinks we should not count Syria’s Bashar Assad out – yet, but he fears Syria’s chemical weapons getting into the hands of “extremists” (translated = Muslims not yet dictators).

Qabun, Damascus Neighborhood Bombed

Abdullah opposes international military action in Syria, but he said that if Assad were to make the “tremendous miscalculation” of turning chemical weapons on his own population, there could probably be a response.

And he said that if such weapons were to fall into the hands of rebel forces — some of which he said are unknown quantities — then even reluctant UN members like Russia might support some kind of international action.

But he said he remains hesitant to arm the Syrian opposition.

“As it comes to chemical weapons falling into rebel hands, I think at the end of the day all of us would suffer from that. I’m sure they would be very accepting of international actions,” he said of Russia.

“But we want to make sure if you’re going to send weapons, specifically weapons, we want to make sure it goes into the right hands and doesn’t end up as I alluded to earlier on in the hands of groups like Al-Qaeda.”

Apparently, the thousands killed in Syria over the past year isn’t a civil breakdown, because the ruler is still in the Big House. Can you imagine this happening in the U.S. and not seeing a “civil break down?”

“If it breaks down, if civil order breaks down to the point of no return, then it will take years to fix Syria. And I have a feeling we’re seeing signs of that over the past three weeks,” he warned.

“The only people that can bring us back from that brink are obviously the president and the regime. And I believe this is the last chance they have,” he said. “This is a situation that is rapidly spinning out of control.” Story Source

This is life in the Middle East and these are the attitudes of dictators. Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on “his” people. In fact, some of Assad’s chemical weapons likely came from Saddam’s storehouse.  The ultimate ending: once it’s settled, the same dictator, or the new democratic rebel dictator, starts the cycle over again because it is ordained by the Prophet Mohammed.

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  • Each day that goes by, every step that is taken by Syria’s Assad, brings the world much closer to complete chaos.

  • The Middle-East and North Africa were more stable under the old dictators before, Hillary’s Arab Spring. I doubt those cultures will ever be ready for any kind of democracy.