Iraq War Vet Gives Back Purple Heart in Obama Protest: I Have to Pay for My Wounds While Obama Gives Care to Illegals

This is such an important story. Please visit PolitiJim and follow his links. There have to be thousands of severly injured veterans who feel much the same as this wounded Navyman. His protest was very personal, the hurt palpable, with no attempt to draw attention to himself. Just as his service was selfless, so is his protest. God bless him and all who have sacrificed so much for this country.

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  • Beyond sad. Makes me proud though that we have such heroes who have the back bone to do this kind of thing. God bless this amazing Veteran.

    • er

      I really hate to say this but I’m glad this man did not give his name. He would be threatened and harassed and made an example of by Liberal/Communists and perhaps audited by the IRS. It is clear he took his oath to protect the Constitution seriously and hero that he is, would give his name anyway. God bless him, we need a million more like him.

      • Sadly your right… look what’s happened to the business men who were in Mitt’s campaign ad after the gaff Obama made by saying, you didn’t make your business successful.

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  • Not only does he have to pay for his healthcare, but he receives lousy healthcare to begin with.

  • Our vets deserve better. God Bless this vet for taking a stand.

  • Just a note – a purple heart is not awarded for bravery – it’s a medal given to those who are wounded. Its not awarded for uncommon bravery. Other countries would give a wound stripe – Americans give a medal.

    Secondly, this soldier had no problem living under America’s socialism while in uniform. Let us not forget that all members of the Armed forces, that project all of your from the threat of socialism, live under a system that is socialistic in nature. Healthcare is covered by the state.

    I wish American politics wasn’t so partisan. We deserve better than this crap of our political opponent being our mortal enemy. Obama is not Anti-Military, if he was he would have slashed the forces by at least 20,000 permanent force members and cut R&D. He didn’t.

    • Matt, do I or any other patriot care what other country’s give for being wounded in service of their country. We don’t have the details of how this Navyman was severely burned, but he obviously didn’t just trip over a tent stake.

      What are you trying to say with “this soldier had no problem living under America’s socialism while in uniform.” He was serving his country, not running it. I doubt his vote was even counted when he was deployed.

      Obama is anti-military. There are some things even he can’t do all by himself, and yes, I know how disgusting that is to him and to you. The next military acquisition will be a badge for soldiers, sailors, marines and coast guard for exemplary service in manning food banks.

      He can’t really cut anything because he has no budget to do so, unless he goes around Congress, which he routinely does. The crap political opponents are the Democrats in the Senate.