Human Trafficking: 3 Plead Guilty DOJ Dismisses Case: Was it Human Trafficking or Anti-Semitism?

Three men pled guilty to human trafficking after the “government” brought charges. Five others were involved and charged – all executives at Los Angeles’ Global Horizons. The Feds touted this case as the biggest human trafficking case in this Nation’s history and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) filed their charges saying it was the largest human trafficking case in agriculture to date.” The government has spent millions in tax payer monies to prosecute a case in which all of the complainants are in the U.S. legally. Flash forward from 2010 when this case began, and the DOJ now says they do not have the evidence to prove humans were ‘trafficked.’ All charges have been dropped “in interest of justice.” The three who pled guilty will have everything erased from their record and the company charged, Global Horizons Manpower, is off the hook. At least 50 of those claiming to be “trafficked” are unhappy that they will not be able to testify.

Some background: In another human trafficking case in Honolulu, Federal prosecutor Susan French ‘stepped in it,’ and then was forced to step down, after she misled a Grand Jury:

…she inaccurately stated to a grand jury that workers couldn’t be charged recruiting fees when they traveled to Hawaii in 2004. The law was changed in late 2008 to prohibit recruiting fees.

Fox News:

The case was in jeopardy after federal prosecutors abruptly dropped similar accusations against owners of Hawaii’s Aloun Farms last year. That case prompted an investigation that found the federal government wouldn’t be able to prove the charges in the Global Horizons case, according to the dismissal order.

“Based on this further investigation, the government has determined that dismissal of this matter is in the interest of justice, because the government is unable to prove the elements of the charged offenses beyond a reasonable doubt,” the order said.

In a federal indictment, Global Horizons was charged with “luring” 400 workers from Thailand to the U.S., then tearing up their contracts, and forcing them to work.

“In the old days, they used to keep slaves in their places with whips and chains. Today it’s done with economic threats and intimidation,” an FBI agent said. Source Newser

In 2003, a farmworker showed up in the Hollywood offices of a Thai community organization with a harrowing tale.

The Thai national described being lured to the United States with promises of a three-year contract and $1,900 in monthly pay to harvest pineapples in Maui — nearly twice as much as the average annual income in Thailand for most impoverished workers like himself.

Instead, he alleged, associates of a Beverly Hills labor recruiting firm forced him and fellow Thai farmworkers into virtual slave labor with substandard wages, inadequate food and housing and threats of deportation and physical violence if they tried to escape…

Although the indictment alleges about 400 victims, Martorell said more than 1,100 agricultural worker visas were issued to Global Horizons for Thai laborers. To aid the workers, the center has so far secured hundreds of T visas, which give trafficking victims who cooperate with law enforcement a temporary visa that can lead to a green card.

So there are questions:
1) Have these workers had their passports confiscated?
2) Have workers been denied the freedom to leave the “farm?” or…
3) Are the workers simply hoping for a bigger, fatter check from taxpayers?
4) If the answers to 1 and 2 are yes, why can’t the case move forward?
5) Was the goal of the DOJ to go after business executives, just because free markets work? or…

6) Did this begin as a case of anti-Semitism by a pro-Islam DOJ, going after Jewish CEO, Mordechai Yosef Orian?

The DOJ attorney signing the dismissal is Daniel H. Weiss, U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. You remember the DOJ’s Civil Rights take on “civil rights.” They dropped the New Black Panther Party (Muslim hoodlums with connections to Hezbollah) Philadelphia Voter Intimidation case, when two of the NBPPs stood at the polls, one of them with a night stick. They ignored subpoenaes, never showed up in the court room – ever. The Judge passed down a judgement of guilt – and the DOJ vacated that judgement. The Civil Rights Division had a plan, had everything to do with NOT prosecuting Blacks – read it here, and then Attorney General Eric Holder called the NBPP his people,

Another memory: The New Black Panther Party put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, after the Trayvon Martin killing. Bounties are against the law. DOJ didn’t care, wouldn’t comment – did nada.
After Patrick Fitzgerald and the Scooter Libby case, do you know of a single Federal Prosecutor you would trust with your life, your future, your country?

The workers are in the U.S. legally under the H-2A foreign agricultural worker program. Global Horizons still faces the EEOC civil suit. Read more at Judicial Watch. H/T BadBlue.