Homemade Ice Cream for July 4th – Laura Ingraham Links

The marvelously pithy Laura Ingraham read my July 2, 1776 – Birth of the American Republic Begins: New York Abstains, John Dickinson is Absent on her radio show today – or at least portions of it. I missed it. You can’t hear the radio over the churn of an ice cream maker. She also linked it under her “Need to Know” category. Thank you Laura, and by-the-way, your interview with Geraldo on Fast and Furious was magnificent – read it here and see it here.

Laura Ingraham

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  • Ran

    Mmmmm! Ice cream

  • You rock and so does Laura.

    • Ima, what a nice comment. Love it!

  • Z

    Hi, Maggie. Glad to see this post; It took me SO long to download your blog that I’d stopped coming by…I miss it! It opened right up this time, I’m happy to say.
    I got to meet Laura and wanted you to know that when she does meet you at a function at which she’s speaking, she talks to you as if you’re the one she came to see. You have her attention, her graciousness, etc. She’s also TINY, which surprised us because she is such a big personality with a big, rich voice.
    My husband had such a cute thing for (never missed her on the radio) that when she signed his book, I said “you’d better not put your phone number in there, Laura!” 🙂
    ice Cream…………mmmm
    Happy Fourth, Maggie.

    • Hi Z, it’s disturbing to hear that my blog would not load for you. I’ve been on a cloud server for over 1-1/2 years and haven’t had any problems, or at least none I’ve been told about. So sorry, but it’s great to see you again.

      Nice story about Laura Ingraham, especially your hubby’s “thing for her.” I love her and especially love her when she hosting O’Reilly or with him. She can really make it clear how ridiculous he can be.

      Happy Independence Day to you too!

      • Z

        AOW’s blog did the same thing, BZ and GM Roper, too………it’d take so long to download, I’d finally give up. But, they’re loading faster now; why, I don’t know.
        I know I need to treat myself to a new computer but that’s got nothing to do with this!
        I actually like Laura more on O’Reilly than on the radio…don’t listen since I lost my Mr. Z. xxx

  • Ran

    Happy Fourth, Liberty Belle.

    Ignore the Hessian invasion of the Constitution. We have the Hudson to cross first.


    • Ran, great comment, and Happy Fourth to you and yours.

  • Homemade icecream! Now that brings back some great memories.

    • Jim, We bought the wooden bucket-type ice cream maker when our son was little. Since those days, we haven’t used it much, but a couple of years ago, we resolved to bring it out for family occasions, or “just because.” I no longer make it outside. It’s very comfortable to do one my kitchen countertop. Takes about 30 minutes to stop churning. My extended family always looks forward to it.