Harassed and Hacked (Hacked Off): Unreal Saga for My Blogging Friends

Everyone in the Conservative blogosphere knows more about Brett Kimberlin, Neal Rauhauser and SWATing than I come close to knowing. By the time I got back to the computer after my neck injury, my eyes glazed over as I tried to sort it out. Yesterday, something truly disgusting happened to my friend, Karen at The Lonely Conservative, and added to many antics even more disgusting than yesterday’s, I need to lead readers to some of these stories, because you must know what Liberals are capable of.

Karen began having problems not long after she won the No. 1 spot in the Top 25 Political Moms contest. Don’t you know that ticked-off those Liberal women big-time? Other great conservative bloggers: Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey at Patterico’s Pontifications and Aaron Walker at Allergic to Bull have been beseiged with very serious attacks. So I want to give you a flavor of what’s happening and I’ll begin with Karen, right after the Top 25 Political Moms win:

You would think the story would have ended there, but it didn’t. That’s where it begins. (This is the “civil” left we’re dealing with, remember.) Before the contest ended, people using fake IP addresses started trying to post vile, rotten comments here. The comments all were put in a cue awaiting moderation and each was automatically emailed to me individually. On the night I found out I had won the contest I was at an event at my son’s school. I checked my email and the first one that appeared was a comment calling me the “c” word, and it wasn’t “commie mommy.” It turns out that was one of the nicer comments they’ve left.

Since then I’ve amassed nearly one hundred pages of disgusting, hateful and threatening messages. They’ve said that I (and all of you conservative readers) have no place in this world.

They’ve told me to slit my own throat.

They’ve called me every foul name you can think of.

They’ve insulted my husband,

accused me of molesting my children and threatened to report me to my local school board.

They impersonated my husband and contacted a local divorce attorney.

They tried to have pornographic sex toys catalogues sent to my home.

They have sent emails on my behalf to my elected representatives advocating for policies I disagree with completely.

They’ve signed me up for more email spam than anyone could possibly do in his or her spare time. (As of this moment I have 1630 emails in my spam folder.)

They’ve called my home using Caller ID spoofing software or websites.

They’ve let me know they know where I live.

There isn’t time to list everything, but you get the gist of it.

Yesterday’s event set off a some brainstorming and it may have paid off. Read it all here.

An introduction to Brett Kimberlin (aka Speedway Bomber), Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist

An introduction to SWAT-ing and who has been SWAT-ed:

The victims — Patrick Frey who blogs under the moniker, “Patterico,” and Aaron Walker, whose blog is titled, “Allergic to Bull,” along with several others –  have been subject to death threats (veiled and not veiled), blackmail, extortion, numerous frivolous lawsuits, cyber-attacks of email and social networking accounts, and become the target of smear campaigns that have ultimately led to at least one couple losing their jobs.

In Frey’s instance, a SWAT team even descended on his house after a disingenuous call was placed to law enforcement making it sound as though Frey had confessed to murdering his wife. While the real caller has yet to be identified, Frey, who serves as the deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County, strongly suspects it was placed by Kimberlin-proxy Ron Brynaert.

Stacy McCain on Neal Rauhauser:

In the past week or so, readers may have noticed that I’ve relented in my non-stop blogging about convicted terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his demented associate Neal Rauhauser. On July 5, when Judge Rupp’s ruling restored Aaron Walker’s First Amendment rights, I figured this ended the original emergency that drew my attention on May 17. My family and I are now safely relocated, and it seemed a good time to return my attention to the presidential campaign that I had been covering before this emergency arose.

However, I did not for a moment suppose that Kimberlin, Rauhauser and their surrogates would cease their evil machinations. This expectation was fulfilled today when I was contacted by a blogger friend, who reported that she had received an utterly vicious e-mail sent by someone impersonating a mutual acquaintance, conveying vile falsehoods attributed to me. Read it all at the link above.

How it all started with McCain on May 17th:

Former Patterico co-blogger Aaron Worthing details the efforts of convicted “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin to shut down conservative bloggers through a strategy of legal intimidation. Why am I not surprised that the notorious Democratic Party operative Neal Rauhauser’s name turns up in Worthing’s account?…

Read the whole amazing story. The partnership between Brad Friedman and Kimberlin is shocking enough in its own right. That they have been so clumsy as to enable Worthing to document a connection between them and Rauhauser is the sort of foolish error that all such arrogant monsters can be expected eventually to make. Rauhauser is an online menace, and the fact that Kimberlin — a convicted and infamous felon — claims Rauhauser as an “associate” should not surprise anyone. This demonstrates the unscrupulous and vicious tendencies of Democrats who will employ any means, including outright lies and terroristic harassment by known criminals, in pursuit of their corrupt political aims.

On May 22, Stacy wrote that his wife’s employer was allegedly contacted by Kimberlin, saying Stacy was “harassing him.” The McCain’s were forced to flee their home with their children. At the bottom of this McCain post, you will find links to his documentation of this horrible story.

The Lonely Conservative’s background post on Kimberlin and the horror that went along with him and his buddies is here.

Conservative blogs are full of these stories, and as I said, I’m far behind the 8-ball as I was not able to follow any of it as it happened.

What is important, if you are hearing about this for the first time, is that you realize what Democrat operatives are willing to do, what “grassroots” Democrats are willing to do, and then think about it happening to you. What if one of these jokers (maybe felons) called your school board to say you molest your children – because they don’t like your political persuasion?

It’s unthinkable, but…it’s who they are, and all of this has happened because all of the bloggers involved (and I’m sure there are more than I’ve mentioned here) are blogging conservative election news. Disagree with a Liberal, or tell a different story, and you are attacked. As unhinged, violent and out-of-control as these criminals are, Conservatives can be persistent, prodding to the enth degree, and really hacked off, and they are not about to let these cretins get away with this outrage. They and their families have been through hell, and hell hath no fury like a conservative female blogger and her friends.

UPDATE 7-20-12: Read why NiceDeb pulled her name from the Top 25 Mommies contest.

UPDATE 7-20-12: Blogger friend Zilla of the Resistance was also mercilessly harassed after the Top 25 Mommy contest. She has many details of the entire story here.

The same cretins who’ve been committing identity theft against me ever since thatPolitical Moms blogger contest this past spring have also been doing it to The Lonely Conservative (who won the contest) in addition to far, FAR, worse – and it has been escalating…

What can you do? Well, I’ll tell you, although if you are a longtime reader of this blog then you are already familiar with this sort of thing because it is something special that has been done here before for other bloggers who have been under fire, it’s the Roll Call, and it is now time to answer the call and bring the cavalry to Karen’s side. Here’s how it works, adapted from a previous Roll Call post:

We need to stand together with those who are fighting for freedom, and for good against evil. We need to make sure that they know that not only do we have their backs, but also, we need to show those who will stoop to the lowest of low tactics to destroy the righteous that we will not be cowed.

Please join me in showing support for The Lonely Conservative, who is being unjustly attacked, by sharing, Tweeting, emailing, re-blogging the message that the enemies of freedom will never ever silence the truth tellers. Send me your name (or username) and/or the name of your blog (if you have one) and I will update this post with a roll call of those who stand in solidarity for goodness and against evil. You can post in the comments section to this post, at the A-C page or the Zilla page on facebook where this post will appear, you can Tweet me or email me to say you want to be listed here and I will add you to the roll. I will make sure that Karen knows that we are with her.

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  • crosspatch

    Despicable behavior like intimidation, lying, cheating, etc. seems to be rather typical for liberals. How average everyday Americans can align themselves with garbage like that is just amazing. And people wonder why we don’t want these people anywhere near our government?

    • Yes, and and for those in government and pundits calling for Congress to get together and “do something.” What a joke. Talk about abandoning principles. There’s no way to work with Marxists and worse.

  • Ricci

    This is horrible, I linked to The Lonely Conservative just the other day. There is no behind on this,there are so many stories untold. We need to tell it again and again and talk about every story we hear. I know conservative bloggers go through hell, and every last of ya’ll need to tell your story, and miners like me will pass them along.

    • I was also in the Political Moms blogger contest, and also became a target, by the same people stalking Karen, but to a much less extreme degree than what they’ve done to her (I am a smaller target, I think). Here is my story, and it is still happening, Karen gets fake emails and comments to her blog “from” me which are really nasty, and I get fake emails “from” her that are horrible as well, in addition to myself being impersonated in blog comments all over the interwebz and Lord only knows who else has gotten fake and nasty emails “from” me:
      Like it did with Karen, it quieted down when I too was reporting on the Brett Kimberlin goon squad… coincidence? I thought maybe they’d forgotten about me, but then it started again, even while I have been too ill to do much blogging. Maybe I should drag myself from my sick bed every day and just do a quick daily blog about BK and his thugs? Heh.

      • Ricci

        Thanks, Zilla. I have posted this page in a response on our kimberlin thread, moms need to know what is getting to be just SOP from the tyrannical left. Stacy McCain is some how surviving in hiding, most bloggers could not afford to do that. Especially the feeder blogs like yalls that are someone’s passion. Or like ours, a 501 site. The more we know about their tactics, the better we can respond to them.

  • Dustyn H

    Keep your head up lady. The light needs to keep shining on these types of despicable conduct.

  • In these social morons we see the true character of the left — people who have no respect for freedom of speech (except theirs) or freedom of press (except theirs). They don’t respect hard work or truth (all truth is relative), fairness (any means to an end)or the dignity of the individual. Keep fighting, bloggers!

  • There is a real battle going on. This period in our countries history is a revolution, between evil and good. All of you that blog and speak your mind freely, are the soldiers of this fight. God bless you all.

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  • Thanks, Maggie. I hope you don’t become a target of these goons.

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  • Don Laird

    Don’t be discouraged, in fact be encouraged as the harassment is a sign of success.

    The Left and Islamists are in a lot of trouble, they know it and we know it.

    Work hard for November….its almost here.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

    • Hi Don, I’m counting on you being right. I refuse to think of it any other way.

      • Don Laird

        Good to see you back……keep up the good work.

        Regards, Don Laird
        Edson, Alberta, Canada

  • My police friends are trying to get the goods so to speak on Brett Kimberlin. Something about putting the little bastard (their word) back in prison.

    Sooner or later these assholes are going to mess up and then we’ll have the lot.

  • Don Laird on July 18, 2012 at 9:10 am

    “Don’t be discouraged, in fact be encouraged as the harassment is a sign of success.

    The Left and Islamists are in a lot of trouble, they know it and we know it.

    Work hard for November….its almost here”



  • Everyone!!!! We all need to vote in November. We can’t sit home and think.. someone else will vote to defeat this President, and all Democrats.. We can’t just defeat them.. we need to bury them in the book of nightmares past. Defeat them so badly that they all have to get jobs. ALL OF THEM.

  • Linked/featured at my place

  • cfm990

    Hello from IOTW land. Please forward to Lonely Conservative, my admiration and support. If losing a blogger contest, gets their knickers in a knot. Wait until November. It may not be pretty. It’ll damn sure be funny. Remember Libs, suicide IS painless. Just don’t land on an innocent bystander. Could be a fellow lib.

    • cfm990 thanks for the visit and comment and I’ll make sure LC sees it.

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  • Linked and shared 🙂

  • You’re linked in my new piece on this too. 🙂

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