Facebook Redistributing my LIKES to Those Less Liked?

Most of you know that I had back and neck problems and didn’t blog for a few weeks. I was close to reaching 400,000 Facebook LIKES on the widget in my left sidebar when I had to slow down. About three weeks ago when I fired up my blogsite, my widget read only about 45,000 LIKES. Have anyone of you out there in the ether had this happen to you? I posted the same question on my Timeline. See one of the replies below.

Facebook friend Scotty Farrar had this reply:

 ‎”Well, of course we know what you have been talking about dear, and we think that a lot of the folks that liked your stuff really do not understand it, so we have adjusted it in the fairness of others who have less likes. A few of your likes (350,000) only have been transferred to those with less likes. I am sure that you understand and appreciate our policy of making “everyone” equal with their fair share of likes. Sincerely, your media supervisor Mr. Zuckerbugger. “

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  • Weird, maybe due to inflation they exchanged them at 10:1 for New Likes

    • RR, or maybe they hate me:-)

  • That’s a kick in the butt–

    I wish there was a viable alternate to Facebook. I don’t like or trust it–

    • Grumpy, there is an alternative, but I don’t know how productive it is. Fran Boscow on FB can tell you. I joined but I forget about it. Thanks for putting it on your site. I’ll come by to see if anyone there has a clue what they are up too.

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  • Hi Maggie, Maybe Facebook had an Independent Like Offering and sold your likes to some unlikeable mogul. Hopefully they don’t own a greater than 50% share of your likes….

    Facebook shares a lot in common with Twitter. Twitter has been known, over the years, for censoring conservative ideas and hashtags. Gets me every time!

  • In another year you won’t have to worry about it … Facebook will be down the tubes anyway the way they operate.

    • Carl, I think the stock may be down the tubes. Not sure about the onsite gathering.

  • That’s a load of nonsense.

    • LD, it’s a load of, at least, nonsense:-)

  • BC

    Maggie, can you help with this?


  • Bunkerville

    When fb went public, of course it had to redistribute! Obama’s bud.

  • I don’t worry about FaceBook, really don’t care much about it. I use it to share my posts from Right Truth and that’s about it. Sorry I can’t help.

    • Debbie, that is also how I use Facebook. I really appreciate the “Likes” I get there, but think many come from those stopping by my blog.

  • I’m sure it is a case of your popularity pegging out their meter!

    • Jim, Yeah, right! But that’s a nicer conclusion than I was pondering.

  • I decided against FB from the get-go. That is my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Same for Obama, I knew he was a counterfeit from the start and is nothing but trouble with a capital T. I can’t say that enough.