Erica Groshen Far-Left Obama Nominee for Bureau of Labor Statistics Head: Former Union Shop Steward – Anti-Small Business

The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics (BLS) reports are closely watched for unemployment numbers and other critical economic data. A few months ago, Obama nominated far-left Erica Groshen to replace acting head, John Galvin.

Erica Groshen

You’ve surely noticed that when figures are released from the BLS, it’s a sure bet they will be “revised,” and sometimes in an unbelievable manner. Well, Groshen is a former union shop steward. When it comes to unions, Groshen is a devoted activist on their behalf. She should not have the power to fiddle with labor statistics. The BLS should be a non-political appointment.

Groshen is quoted saying she is “very non-political, non-partisan….”

Americans for Limited Government quotes Groshen saying that small businesses are favored with exemptions from government regulations, and she thinks that’s not such a hot idea – for Government.

From this perspective, any public policy advantage awarded to small firms (such as labor or environmental standard exemptions) should provide cause for worry. Source: Americans for Limited Government

Liberals are in a snit because Americans for Limited Government point out that Groshen sent her children to a camp founded by communists in 1923. The website says the founding in 1923 was by “Jewish activists.” On another webpage, Camp Kinderland says it was established by “Jewish union activists.” They also say “Camp Kinderland is true to the vision of its founders. The Economy blog shows the photo below and says it is of “the original Camp Kinderland in upstate New York.” I believe the camp is now in Massachusetts. Take a look at today’s camp activities below.

According to Wikipedia, the curriculum at this summer camp for boys and girls is: “equality, peace, social justice, activism, civil rights, Yiddishkeit and friendship.”

Camp Kinderland:

Evolving generations of campers and staff embrace a far broader and more diverse spectrum of issues and ideas that are expressed in the cultural program—including struggles for women’s and gay rights, and environmental justice—and a more multicultural outlook.

Children are able to draw on numerous sources and reinvent themselves. They are capable of effortlessly integrating what would otherwise seem like contradictory impulses, such as progressive ideology and consumer culture. Rather than view this as “just a phase,” we think of it as a period of growth, where children are trying to come to terms with issues that affect them both directly and tangentially…

We promote an agenda of progressive values; most important, we try to maintain an environment that supports these values. We emphasize cooperation and community; we promote democratic participation and a humane and caring standard of how to treat one another, in and out of camp. And we try to show our campers that by working for social justice, they are part of a greater struggle, in a larger historical context, and a member of a community that supports and encourages their activism.

The good news is, the camp honors The Holocaust, so there are still Progressives who have their heads on straight about that terrible time. The kicker is, those Progressives are Jewish. I know many Progressives who are bored to the point of rudeness with any talk of Hitler, Death Camps, Ovens, Labor Camps, Nazism.

Erica Groshen cannot be non-partisan and non-political with this background, and since we already don’t trust much coming out of BLS, there will be skepticism under her leadership and it cannot help the economy, including the stock market.

Call your Senators and urge them to reject Erica Groshen, a former union steward, an anti-small business nominee with ardent beliefs in social and environmental justice. NetRightDaily has more. Find your Senator’s contact information here. Thanks to Bob Mack at Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead and his #BURN2012 Tweet.

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  • gracie

    Just curious: Why did Obama wait until the end (pretty much) of his term to nominate a new BLS commissioner — especially since the previous commissioner, Keith Hall, was a Bush appointee and served from January 2008 through January 2012? I mean, all those revised BLS statistics for the past 4 years were coming from a Bush appointee!

    • gracie, I don’t know the answer but Hall no longer worked for Bush. Obama was his boss. Maybe that’s why he quit or was fired.