Dept of State – Declaration on Disarmament – General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World

We’ve heard a lot lately about the UN Arms Trade Treaty. This video from InfoWars will curl your hair. It connects the Treaty with a 1961 State Department document with the chilling title  “Declaration on Disarmament – General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” The original document is from 1961 in conjunction with the U.S. State Department and the United Nations. It mimics many provisions of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 2000 (UNMDG) that I beat on routinely. I know what many of you will say, ‘this is old,’ has no meaning today, but let me ask you, assuming the document from 1961 is genuine, why would our State Department EVER engage in this rhetoric? Maybe I’m being pranked??? I don’t think so. The layers are too deep.

In the United Nations Millennium Development Goal from 2000 you’ll find this:

1] Abolishing war through a worldwide freeze on militaries and achieving global disarmament:”

To initiate a worldwide freeze on armed forces
…the prohibition of the use of force,…must not be undermined

To explore the feasibility of a legally binding convention on overcoming poverty,…To carry out the objective of moving towards the abolition of war by practical means,…the United Nations Secretariat and interested Governments, or a separate group of Governments, should develop a draft proposal for global disarmament

2] Prohibiting advanced weapons technology

…devise ways of stopping the technological development of new and more advanced weapons that create new imbalances in global power relationships.

3] Monitoring small arms

4] Controlling the world’s immigration to allow for:

…the global principle of freedom of circulation for all

5] Controlling the world’s finances:

…To move towards democratic political control of the global economy so that it may serve our vision.

…Sustainable funds could be raised through a currency transfer tax…and a tax on the rental value of land and natural resources.

6] Controlling the world:

Globalization needs defining [and then they define it].…it is transforming our world into a global village…

7] Prohibiting “sanctions” against rogue countries:

…Stop imposing economic sanctions…

In the video you will hear a U.S. Military soldier say his unit was commandeered for duty in New Orleans during Katrina. It’s a story of U.S. military taking weapons of the people who were left in their homes in New Orleans in areas unaffected by the waters. Doors were kicked in, and all weapons were taken – and it happened at night. Please watch the video.

UN Disarmament

About The sculpture above, it’s not a product of photoshop. It’s moniker is “Non-Violence” and is by “noted” Swedish sculptor Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. See it on the UN News and Media website. Here’s a quote from April 2012:
Ambassador Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Nasser told the opening of the 2012 session of the UN Disarmament Commission (UNDC) in New York on Monday that disarmament bodies are at a crucial juncture as they face what he described as “a growing resistance to initiative and compromise”.
While the document initially focuses on scrapping nuclear weapons, it later makes it clear that the only groups allowed to own weapons of any kind would be governing authorities, “for the purpose of maintaining internal order,” and the UN “peacekeeping” force itself, which would require “agreed manpower.”
 How long as it been since that viper pit we call the State Department has been sanitized? Decades and decades is the answer. The Secretary may change and a few of his/her top deputies, but the internationalists still slither throughout the hallways. To learn more about the UN Arms Treaty, check out this.
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U.S. State Department and United Nations Disarmament Document