Countdown to Remove 12 Crosses in Memory of Aurora Murder Victims? Were All Victims Christian? ACLU Atheists Muslims Vandals Westboro Baptist?

Ohioan, Greg Zanis drove from his home in Aurora, Illinois to Aurora, Colorado and erected 12 three-feet-tall wooden crosses in memoriam to the 12 dead at Aurora’s Century 16 theater. With a magic marker, he wrote a name on each of the crosses, which stand on the corner of East Centrepoint Drive and South Sable Boulevard. The countdown is on. Vandals should show up anytime now. Maybe the ACLU will file a lawsuit. Can we count on the Kansas Westboro Baptist crazies to show up? Members of the Military died. The Westboro cretins are probably traveling as I type, if not already there.  If any of the dead are gay or lesbian, you can count on their evil presence.

Aurora, Colorado Memorial of 12 Crosses for Victims of Mass Murder

Zanis said he made the crosses to elevate the names of the dead above the name of the person who investigators believe killed them.

Zanis said he hopes the families of the victims will feel free to take the crosses, now standing at the corner of East Centrepoint Drive and South Sable Boulevard, and use them to temporarily mark the graves of their loved ones. Read the entire story at The Denver Post

Then the question looms: were all of the victims Christian?

This blogger ponders. If not, the crosses are an “insult,” he says I see it as a blessing. Irregardless of personal belief or unbelief, a Cross denotes a blessing in the name of God for you and me, as well as for every unbeliever. If you don’t believe in blessings, at least you have to admit there is no insult in the gesture. Good grief!

The same blogger believes the Crosses “claim the victims,” and asks how we would feel if Muslim or atheist symbols were put up.

Christians did not celebrate September 11, 2001 by dancing in the streets and handing out candy to passersby. Christians do not issue fatwas. Depending on the type of memorial, Muslims and atheists would have to deal with family members. So far, no family or friends of the dead have desecrated the Crosses, or complained about them, that I can find. If they object, they can haul-off the Cross and do with it as they want – but they’ll have to get there before vandals showup. The memorials are growing by the minute. Michelle Malkin commemorates the 12 who died.

Graphic Credit: Washington Post, Matt McClain

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  • You forget that not everyone is Christian, and suppose one of the dead was Jewish. A cross and the flowers, toys, junk that people place would be a big insult. It would be saying: “I am glad that your son/daughter was killed. We want to kill more.”

    Sometimes it is better to do nothing like the crosses and not to insult a family.

    • findalis, I didn’t forget. This is simply a made who made this gesture. I don’t it was in his heart that he was insulting someone. It is just a memorial and friends and family do not have to come there (it’s not at the site) or leave things there.

      I agree that it might be better to do nothing, but something was done and it doesn’t seem terrible. If someone put a star of David to memorialize one of my loved ones, I would never be offended.

  • I am surprised that no one has asked why did two mass murder shootings have happened in Colorado and within miles of each other.What is it the ways of colorado? something in the way youth are tought in colorado? A certin religion? were they conservatives? There must be someone or group for the libs and media to blame

  • Maggie, when I saw that news story last night I began to wonder how long it would be before someone made a complaint. As with you, “If someone put a star of David to memorialize one of my loved ones, I would never be offended.”

    • FaultlineUSA, At least someone did something with a loving and grieving heart. There was no place for any kind of memorial at the theater. They usually pop-up somewhere, but none did until this one.

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  • Maggie– My guess is right this second the families appreciate the guesture and aren’t thinking about the religious symbolism to much– They probably aren’t thinking much at all yet..

    Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks- The ACLU isn’t going to say anything this early unless one of the families pushes

    As for the Westboro freaks, they might show up, they threatened to show at the funerals following the Giffords killings,they changed their minds..

    • Grumpy, I know this man did not intend to offend. I know findalis well, and she has a point, but it was not to offend or to “claim” the victims for Christianity.

  • This ACLU GARBAGE PIT, bunch of rag head Muslims need to shut up. Who cares WTF Muslims like or don’t like! They have a country to do their evil in Mecca!
    So please do us all a favor and goes home to MECCA and never come back, along with their leader in the WH.

    BTW: British Engineer just started his “OWN” business in Afghanistan.
    He’s making land mines that look like Muslim prayer mats.

    It’s doing well.
    He says prophets are going through the roof.