Corzine Treasurers Attorney is Eric Holders Best Friend and Former Attorney: Reid Weingarten

The roiling question has been why Jon Corzine has not been BernieMadoff-ed? Billions of investors dollars missing and no one in the Obama administration noticed that a former Democrat Senator, Democrat New Jersey Governor, and chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs ‘lost’ hundreds of millions of dollars. Corzine’s MF Global Treasurer, Edith O’Brien is seeking immunity from prosecution and is represented by Attorney General Eric Holder’s former attorney and “best” friend, Reid Weingarten.

Reid Weingarten


According to this 2008 New York Times article, Reid Weingarten was previously Eric Holder’s attorney.

Furthermore, the website of Mr. Weingarten’s law firm, Steptoe & Johnson, notes that Mr. Weingarten “is the chairman and co-founder, along with US Attorney General Eric Holder, of a non-profit program, See Forever Foundation, which is designed to assist juvenile offenders in rehabilitation to prevent recidivism.”

What’s more, the Main Justice website notes that Mr. Weingarten is “one of Holder’s best friends.”

The above new conflicts of interest may be part of a broader culture of cronyism endemic to the Department of Justice over the last decade.

But wait…someone did notice:

Indeed, just hours after Breitbart News reported that MF Global was a client of Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer’s former law firm, Covington & Burling, the Justice Department’s inspector general issued a report finding widespread nepotism at the DOJ.

Putrid to the core. Read it all at Breitbart.

  • What you know is good; but in the beltway, you know is better.

  • cali

    We currently do not a justice dept but an ‘injusticedepartment’. Holder and his cronies, obama and his cronies, hillary, huma, and state dept military officers, nepalitano -all belong in prison. They are lawless!

    Can you imagine what they are cooking to keep this creep and his mooch in the white house?