Aurora Mass Murderer: Court Room Video

At times the Aurora Mass Murderer (who shall remain unnamed here, at least for awhile) looked like he would cry. As questions arose about why he sat down at his car immediately after the massacre, I said then and will say it again, the man is a coward. He was scared – frightened beyond measure. His real life vs his fantasy had merged. Afraid he would be shot. Knew he could not get away because police were already on the scene.

Aurora Movie Mass Murderer in Court

So maybe we will find out that I am wrong, that it was an FBI sting-gone-bad, that he had an accomplice(s). I don’t know, but watching the video, he is obviously drugged and feeling very vulnerable. May he never know another moment of peace, and may the other inmates continue to serenade him with “kid killer,” and other appropriate tunes.

Aurora Mass Murderer in Court (video)

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