At Least 12 Nidal Hasans in Military – Maybe 100?

Approximately one dozen extremist Islamists are known to be members of our US Military. The FBI considers those 12 “serious.” “Serious” is described as including “suspects who are planning attacks or are in touch with “dangerous invididuals.” One hundred possible Fort-Hood-type assaults are out there awaiting just the right moment for jihadis to act, or as the FBI calls them “insider threats.”

Muslim US Soldiers Praying

The “insider threats” are coming from both active and reserve military personnel but others who have access to military bases and facilities, and…

close family members with dependent ID cards

One hundred possibles? Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is “surprised” by the large number. Tammy Bruce and I are shocked at the low the number. I know military brass will not report or take action on anything considered politically incorrect, just as they did nothing with Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood murderer who killed 14, including one unborn child who Liberals and media refuse to count.

Remember Nasar Abdo? If our military is hit again by “insider threats,” this country will come undone.

Photo Credit: Debbie Schlussel – Thanks to BadBlue


  • kathleen

    WHY aren’t they being pro-active and DO something? Amazing.

  • So, more people have to die from “work place” imjuries? What has happened to the greatest military on earth?

  • Oh my God, I haven’t known that there are muslims in the us army as well. I know that it could mean discriminative, but because of the security it would be useful to reduce their number to the minimum. And I won’t let them to know tactical secrets. Who knows…

  • To ask the military to “do something” about them is to fly in the face of PC. Since Bill Clinton, the military has been working to destroy their fighting attitude, fighting spirit. The left have “pussified” the military to a point that if the military was to “do something” they would be afraid of upsetting the Muslim population and would be subject to a major lawsuit.

    I expect more Ft. Hoods not less.

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  • Muslims have no business in America. They have a country and should ALL be sent back there, we can’t trust them for a second. All they want is Sharia law and God knows what else. I refuse to be around them, when I see one I go the other way, nasty rag heads. This is Obama’s doing!

  • That picture is disgusting BTW – their (g)od is a devilish pedophile. The military needs to get some you know what and call this what it is, TREASON!
    “Our forefathers would turn over in their grave seeing those ‘Cocoons’ on
    their floor mats.” Is this how it will look at the DNC when they nominate
    their Muslim candidate BHO? UNREAL!!!

  • Holden Faweva

    Give ’em each a discharge and drop ’em off at a Pakistani watering hole.