Arpaio Turns Natural Born Status and Federal Document Fraud Over to Congress: A Pox on Our Elected Officials For Ignoring Lawlessness

In Tuesday’s press conference, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio said his investigation on Obama’s natural born status is over and he is turning it over to Congress – because the Department of Justice is not an option with this administration. What can we say about a Congress that will not listen to, or watch videos or talk to Arpaio about his investigation, other than they are a despicable body? Every Republican in both Chambers must stand-up right now and say they will listen, watch and make a judgement. Add another pox on anyone declaring this issue is a “distraction.” Arpaio’s investigation showed Obama’s birth certificate had been digitally changed. Read thorough background here. In this press conference, three points were made clear.

1. Each Hawaii birth certificate “box” has a number assigned to it, depending on what information is put into the box, or not put into the box. In the case of the BC provided by Obama and his handlers, the box asking for “Race of Father” is coded with the number 9, which means that it was left blank. But on release, the box contained the word “African” which was not used until 28 years after Obama’s birth. See the latest video below

…the investigators introduced supporting evidence related to a box titled “Race of Father.” In it was written the word “African.” Not only was “African” not used as a race identifier until 1989, 28 years after Obama’s birth, but the box is also coded with a number nine. Nine signifies that no information was provided, meaning the box should have been empty. The fact that there is information in the box suggests someone had tampered with the birth certificate, investigators say.

2. Arpaio is calling on those cowards in the House and Senate to listen to the information he has, watch the video of how the layers of the birth certificate were changed or created digitally, and consider the oddities surrounding Obama’s Selective Service Registration. So far, I don’t think a single elected representative has stepped up (my apologies if someone has – I DO know that there are those who are concerned).

The giveaway is that no one will even listen or watch. 

Mr. Arpaio said he would like Congress … “someone” … to look at the material his investigative team had gathered. As he had told WND earlier: “Although I am having a difficult time deciding who to forward this information to given the fact that the obvious choices report directly to the president, I cannot stand by and hold on to information that threatens to weaken national security.”

3. Those pesky inconvenient twins, born on the same day as Obama but later in the day, keep popping up. Nevertheless, the Obama BC is numbered with a larger number than the twins, indicating he was born later than the the duo. The clerk who signed the Obama BC says he was not born at Kapiolani Hospital:

In Hawaii, investigators succeeded in meeting with Verna K. L. Lee, the clerk who signed Mr. Obama’s long-form birth certificate. The investigators learned that if Mr. Obama had been born at the Kapioloni Medical Center, a birth number assigned to him should have been lower than those of a pair of twins who were born after him at Kapiolani that same day. Yet, his birth number is higher. “This proves that Obama could not have been born at the Kapiolani Medical Center as reported. The numbering on his certificate is more consistent with a birth certificate that had been turned in from one of the outlying areas,” investigators said.

We also know that something nothing is not right about Obama’s Selective Service Registration. There is no question about it. Arpaio pegged it. Where is Congress?

Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has announced that they know on which computer the BC was tampered with. They know where it was the night before it was uploaded to the internet. They have a “person of interest” in the tampering, but when the U.S. Department of Justice is lawless, what can citizens do?

Hawaii authorities are insisting that Obama was born in Hawaii and his birth certificate is valid…but, they are humans, perhaps extremely biased or blackmailed humans, and they are also refusing to address what Arpaio has, which is far more than just his opinion. If Hawaii says he was actually born in the State, rather than given a legal birth certificate without birth on it’s soil, then they MUST explain what the very thorough investigation proves.

This is how it happens in every totalitarian country in the world. The law means nothing and the right people are in Congress and Justice to stop any defense we have. Read a good recap here.

From the video:

Back in the 1960’s, anyone could get a birth certificate. A lot of foreign citizens coming in, especially from Japan, using that law to get Hawaii-issued birth certificates.

If the video does not play or disappears, view it here.

FOX 10 News – Phoenix, AZ | KSAZ-TV

Arpaio Birth Certificate – Possible Fraud of Government Documents (video)

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  • Cowards is right! There is a $100,000 reward for anyone that will name names of who was involved in Fast and Furious cover up from the POTUS on down, don’t go to jail – just tell the truth – we are asking so you better tell, or you will go to jail! Hooray! What a mess, what a commie usurper we have in the WH, a devil in all the details. Godless bunch of pure D Liars in the gov.
    Thanks for posting this, yea for Maggie’s Notebook! You know I did say Obama is a counterfeit from the get go. I knew Obama lied about his birth certificate, so this comes as no surprise to me! Thanks to Joe Arpaio and his cold case possy and to the ones that funded his findings. God Bless them all, in Christ. Pray for good courage for our country to arrest Obama for Treason, along with all those commies involved in the siege of America.

  • Hey Maggie! I guess we’ll soon see how many of these Congressmen checked their manhood at the door when they took their oath of office …
    Good job in posting this.

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