Are Conservative Bloggers Too Independent to Organize for November Elections?

So that’s the question – are Conservative bloggers too independent to organize against the Obama administration in time for the November elections?  If we decide to organize, where do we start? BC at I’m a Man, I’m 41 has suggested a panel. Below is his entire post.

The issue that concerns me most, as far as having impact, are Senatorial candidates. We know a lot about Barack Obama, but we don’t know a lot about candidates trying to replace RINOs or Democrat Senatorial candidates. It takes a lot of research to decide who to back, when you are not from the state and have to rely on sparse information. Some of us will have input that can help all of us. My suggestion to BC was compiling sound Senate and House candidate information and adding to our blogs by the article, and perhaps in our sidebars.

I remember when the old blogburts once had merit. Perhaps we could have a site where we (members of this little society, should we form one – or offer them to all bloggers) could post links to useful articles, and then we can pick and choose which to post on our own sites, with full credit to the author or a hat tip to the suggestor.

If you have ideas I hope you add them to BC’s thread, which you will find here. Here’s his original article.

Calling All Conservative Bloggers
BC @ I’m a man, I’m 41, July 9, 2012

Organization and planning helped the liberals work together as a team to hand us our butts in 2008. Why can’t we beat them at their own game?

The good news is that things have changed since then. Concerned citizens have built amazing social networks of grass roots activists that are setting on ready. They (us) are about to launch a full scare attack on Obama.  The only problem is that this new media army has no plan.

Everyone has an idea of what we should be doing (as bloggers) to help, but my fear is that we will never be able to turn all of our guns in the same direction and fire for the most devastating effect.

This thread is my attempt at uniting the conservative blogosphere behind an easy to understand, smart, effective strategy.


Here are a few questions:

What do we hit the hardest? Liberal media, Obama economic failures, eligibility etc…

We need to know where we should be concentrating an attack — state by state and even county by county. Flooding the new media with a pertinent attack that covers local concerns in a small area, quicker that the opposition could be devastating for Obama.

What are the key House and Senate races, and what are the local issues? It is not too early to swaying votes, if only we had some central organization to point us in the right direction.


Here is an attempt at an idea – be sure to share your own!

What I would like to see is the blogging community come together and elect a panel – a board if you will – that could give us some leadership.

Why not form a coalition of bloggers, elect a panel of about ten of the best and the brightest? Have them start up a free — ad free! — blogger blog with nothing but links to the most potentially devastating information available.

Dumbass idea? Maybe, but if it starts people thinking along the lines of presenting a more concerted effort then it was worth the time.

Maybe it will motivate someone with a better idea? Or at the very least this thread could give someone with some great ideas on how conservative bloggers can best to influence the 2012 elections a place to clue the rest of us in.

Please Share This!

End BC’s article

So how about it? Comments and opinions from readers are also welcome. If you want to leave suggestions here, I’ll make sure they get entered into the thread on BC’s article.

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  • montanaconserv

    It seems like a great idea.. there are already some groups of bloggers started, such as The Watcher’s Council… and conservative bloggers did a great job getting the info out on the SWAT attacks…. so, it can be done… I’m thinking one more month, and most people will be more involved in the elections, and will be willing to start listening….it will still take some money to setup a central site, tho.. going ‘ad free’ might not be the way to do it…

    • montanaconserv, The way the Watcher’s Council works, without the contest, is a good idea. Tell me why you believe going ad free is not the way to go.

  • Thank you for bringing up this critical issue, Maggie!

    We are just getting the Sovereignty Campaign underway, to accomplish a significant part in just what you mention, focusing upon candidates in key congressional races and especially to the U.S. Senate.

    Let’s discuss how we can best spread the word about SovCam:

    No one else is filling this role, to focus upon America’s core, when it is being assailed – that we were created to be a Sovereign nation of Sovereign People. That is what our Declaration of Independence explains in definitive detail.

    We will be vetting candidates on matters of national sovereignty (such as the treasonous U.N. accords assailing us) also popular sovereignty, constitutional state sovereignty, the natural sovereignty of parenthood, church autonomy, the law enforcement supremacy of the elected Sheriff, and the other means of our People’s self governance.

    It is time to rekindle our burning core and reset America on its proper foundations!

    It’s the sovereignty, smart Citizen!

  • blogfan

    Is that not what Ali Akbar is doing with his National Bloggers club? On twitter @NatlBloggers. Think they started out as primarily survivors and exposers of SWATting.

  • BC

    Someone smarter than me, like Doug Ross maybe could come up with hot sheet like on his bad blue site… I dono?

    • BC, Doug has this post up at BB right now. As you know, they don’t stay long. While time is whizzing past (again my apologies for taking so long to get this up) here’s a suggestion:

      With or without the panel you have talked about:

      1. We go to and set up a place where the blogroll contains only those involved, for now, until we see what happens, and each is an administrator. We keep it neutral and powerless among us – no bosses.

      2. Maybe we use tabs: Obama, Senate, House, or maybe we keep everything on the front page – or better: we do frontpage and tabs.

      3. We put a sticky on top explaining that this is a resource site for bloggers and readers, furnishing an arsenal of information, to be used by any Conservative blogger, whether they are administrators on the site or not. We say that each individual author is responsible for their own words, that perhaps, not everyone here will agree.

      4. We post only links to our articles or news articles – no actual posts.

      I’m doing something similar in my sidebar. See Remember, Regurgitate, Rebuke.

      I’ll put this comment at your place.

  • BC

    It would really be something if just for a few months we could all turn our guns in the same direction, and hit where it would hurt Obama most.

    If we only had someway of knowing what and where to hit.

  • kathleen

    Great discussion and a needed one. You need to be one of the leader’s Maggie, I love reading your posts, always well researched and written.

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