Anti-Jihad Bloggers: Why So Few on the Right? Plenty to Talk About, But…Few Do?

Donald Douglas at American Power Blog sent an email today asking if I was “with” him and Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs, and he teased it a bit with something about a “mystery blogger” who doesn’t allow anything close to insulting Islam on his very successful website. I thought I knew immediately who that blogger was, but I was wrong. The story starts with Pam Geller’s post about the “mystery blogger” asking her repeatedly NOT to link to his site…because, apparently, a connection to a strong woman who knows her stuff about jihad, isn’t attractive to his readers, or perhaps to his own sensibilities. But the story goes further than just one blogger. The question is, why do so many bloggers on the Right ignore the threat of Islam in America? I find those who do also seldom talk about our Military. See UPDATES below.

Pam is a true anti-jihad blogger and an expert both in understanding the culture of Islam, and linking it to story after story – most of which she has talked about relentlessly, but has already been forgotten by very busy people. All of us know so much…have so many important stories already told, most which seem to go nowhere. They are documented. They are true and they are dead to most of society.

I noticed a commenter at the American Power article about Pam saying we “cry wolf” too often. That comment is the defining look at how so many people ignore the obvious. All Muslims are not bad, the apologists will tell us (and we know this) while ignoring that Ft. Hood Killer Major Nidal Hasan has not yet been named a terrorist and no Muslim is calling for that to happen; that Homeland Security has Muslims tearing through FBI documents and training manuals to remove all that is offensive to them, that states are battling to protect their citizens from calls for Sharia Law in their communities, and then are forced to end up at the Supreme Court; that our schools are threatened with teaching the “tenents” of Islam, which in that Liberal environment, is always honorable. But you will not find a lesson on a Muslim father’s right to kill his wayward daughters for embarrassing the proud Muslim family, or his right to rape the mother when he chooses, or the woman denied a visit to a male doctor to check the lump in her breast, or that the entire culture attacks only the vulnerable, those who cannot strike back – and that includes their own sons and daughters who strap on the suicide belt. It’s a sick society. Our children never get that message.

Did you know there are some 134 Gulen Charter Schools in the U.S. under the tutelage of one of the Muslim world’s most influential imams, Fethullah Gulen. The schools usually have the words “science and math academy” in the name. There are four in my state of Oklahoma. Many in Texas and California. The stories I read say many parents haven’t a clue that the schools are devoted to Islam – some more subtly than others, but nevertheless, Islam is the goal – AND each are taxpayer funded in America.

“We are troubled by the secretive nature of the Gülen movement, all the smoke and mirrors,” said a senior American official, who requested anonymity to avoid breaching diplomatic protocol. “It is clear they want influence and power. We are concerned there is a hidden agenda to challenge secular Turkey and guide the country in a more Islamic direction.” Source: New York Times

Crying wolf? I don’t think so.

Many, not all, Muslim men hate their own women, girls and boys only second to us, the defiled infidel. It should be easy to understand because Islam tells us exactly what they think of us. Those hearing the ‘cries of wolves,’ rather than voices of reason, don’t care to hear that the halls of Congress are crawling with members of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation scandal, and the funders of Hamas. No one asks why CAIR is “unindicted” if they are a declared co-conspirator. No one asks why congressional offices are often staffed with CAIR plants.

Those hearing the ‘cries of wolves’ rather than voices of reason ignore the very words of the Koran, the threats from Iran and the actual words in the foundational documents of Palestine, vowing that Israel will be destroyed. Just this week the International Olympic Committee (IOC) refused to allow a tribute to the 40th anniversary of massacred Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Did you know that the day after the slaughter, all countries lowered their flags to half mast, EXCEPT Muslim countries, which continued to fly high and heinous? We ignore the roiling question: Why is Palestine or any country harboring terrorists competing in the Olympics?

It goes without saying, if you are going to talk about Islam, you will talk about the defense of Israel. I find that the “Israel” tab on my menu is viewed often. I also find that the most hateful comments left here at Maggie’s Notebook are against Israel and in defense of Islam and particularly Palestine. I have a lot in my defense arsenal, and I use it. The more I use it, the more hateful the comments.

For the last 6-8 months, Congressman Louie Gohmert has been trying to get Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to admit that Mohamed Elibiary, serving on her advisory committee within the agency, illegally and from his home computer, downloaded classified information from an official State of Texas database. It’s believed he tried to sell the information to someone in the press. In front of the House Judiciary Committee, Napolitano stalled and lied and tried to change the conversation to accusation – the demeaning of Muslims by Republicans. She said she had many (or some such word) Muslims inside Homeland Security. On this particular committee, Elibiary holds the highest security clearance. Unfortunantely, Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith wasn’t strong enough to make her answer Gohmert’s straight-forward question. Gosh knows, he tried. When asked if Elibiary’s position within Homeland Security had changed, she answered “no.”

In Donald Douglas’ story he mentions something Geller wrote about Rick Perry and sharia and a real dust-up between bloggers. While I didn’t blog that story, I did blog Perry’s chumminess with Karim Aga Khan, Ismaili Muslims and their heavy influence (including money) in Texas. I remember being attacked on Twitter and had to block a few people who I wasn’t following anyway.

So why do many blogs right of center talk about everything except one of the biggest threats our country has ever faced? That’s what Donald Douglas, a Conservative Professor in Los Angeles, is asking. That’s what Pam Geller is outing in detail.

I’ll add this to the mash. There are many smaller blogs out here talking about Islam and the War on Terror, that we believe is still valid. We may cover other news, but Islam is always on our radar, and we do a pretty job of it and are passionate about it.

Many readers likely do not understand that the politics of blogging are brutal. Who links to whom, and who doesn’t, and why. Where you rank in the all important ranking sites, are your stats up or down, are you a clever writer or do you only write well, but not cleverly?

So there are these things political bloggers deal with as we spend hours at our computers, with most of us hoping that we will make a difference in some way, be a force for good in our own little blogospheric world, and get to bed at a decent hour. But few stand where Pam Geller has stood – on the streets of New York and wherever needed fighting what needs to be fought, including the Ground Zero Mosque. She has been sued and attacked for her devotion to the safety and education of her country. Her First Amendment Rights do not exist in the Leftist ether, and apparently not on the Right at times as well. She should wear it like a badge of honor.

UPDATE 7-31-12: My headline on this article should have had a question mark after the last word. I’ve added it. It makes a significant difference in the point I’m making.

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  • If this is a call to arms… I read anti-jihad blogs, but post very little on the subject because, frankly, they do it better than me. I’m usually a few days behind the news cycle, for one. By the time I get around to posting I usually don’t have much to add to what’s been already said.

    • I spoke to another blogger about something similar to what you just said, EOTS, an no, I don’t think there is a problem with bloggers who leave the anti-jihad blogging to the people who know it better so they can focus on other stuff, as I explained to my friend, I am super bad at math so I rarely blog about economic/financial stuff and I leave THAT for the people who know it well, the problem is not with the bloggers who don’t write often about the threat of islam, the problem is with the bloggers who actively marginalize, vilify and demonize the bloggers who DO take on the mohamadeens, and unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the right who do that, as I have explained repeatedly over at my place in several older posts and am fixing to do yet again.
      You’re doing fine, I have never seen you disrespect any blogger who is honestly covering the issues most others can’t or won’t do, and you’ve always been among the first to step up whenever I asked my fellow bloggers to show support when one of our own is under fire.

  • Maggie said:

    There are many smaller blogs out here talking about Islam and the War on Terror that we believe is still valid. We may cover other news, but Islam is always on our radar, and we do a pretty job of it and are passionate about it.

    Edge said:

    I read anti-jihad blogs, but post very little on the subject because, frankly, they do it better than me. I’m usually a few days behind the news cycle, for one. By the time I get around to posting I usually don’t have much to add to what’s been already said.

    I agree with both of those statements.

    Let me add something else:

    I admit that, right now, I quite focused on getting BHO out of office via the upcoming election.

    In addition, I am my disabled husband’s only caregiver. He is totally disabled. I’m tied down in ways that I wasn’t before September 2009.

    I am a bit disconcerted (the exact word I want, too): some of the smaller blogs such as my primary site (or even blogs not classified as small, such as Infidel Bloggers Alliance) didn’t get a nod — or some kind of inclusion by default.

    The list of anti-jihad blogs posted was so exclusive! “Only” is such a limiting word.

    I’m not trashing Pamela and Robert — or even criticizing them. They do GREAT AND IMPORTANT work! Furthermore, I’ve had the PRIVILEGE of working with both of them via Internet radio and terrestrial radio (2008) — and even have sat down face-to-face with them over lunch (CPAC 2010, when I hired someone to stay with my husband so that I could attend and meet with them).

    Right now, I’m reaching out to tell the truth about Islam and in ways that have caused this household to sustain a huge financial hit.

    No, I’m not crying “Martyr!” I’m telling it like it is. I’ve lost so many clients and directly due to my speaking the truth about Islam — and to conservatives, at that.

    Maybe I don’t have much of a voice.


    Again, I am a bit disconcerted that the list of worthy anti-jihad blogs was so small.

  • EOSB, Zilla, AOW – First, this post is not a Call to Arms from my end. I’m not sure about the others involved. It seemed to me that it is more about the continuing attacks on Pam, and in this case, coming from a source that was surprising. Maybe it’s a clash of personalities. Maybe it’s about money. As AOW said, she is HERE. I am HERE. If the goal is to get stealth jihad out to the public, there are plenty of us who can be linked to.

    Zilla mentions those who demonize those bloggers speaking out against Islam. I don’t see that often, but my time is limited, so I don’t get around to see it. Like the GOP elite, they likely think it is a “distraction,” or worse, they are masquerading as Conservatives. And Mare, thanks for the comment you left yesterday, I think at Donald’s. I couldn’t find it but have it in an email.

    EOSB, your posts are hard-hitting and you talk about important issues. If all of us only talk about jihad and consider it NOT a part of this administration, that does us no good at all.

    Like AOW, most of my focus now is on November. When I can, I tie the two together. It’s all the same piece of cloth – Islam or Islam and this administration’s support of it.

    ONE LAST POINT: After my article title, there should have been a ? mark, questioning that there are so few of us. It was about 1 am when I hit submit and I noticed this morning that I had left it out. It’s there now.

  • “So why do many blogs right of center talk about everything except one of the biggest threats our country has ever faced?”

    I follow a lot of right of center blogs, and the vast majority have and do post on the dangers of Islam. I have written maybe seven times on the subject; but there are so many other issues worthy of our time too.

    • Jim, my opinion as well – that many blogs tell the story and the threat of Islam.

  • I suppose I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been about posting about the dangers of radical Islam. I usually am so caught up in the fight to defeat Obama that I have little time for anything else.

    I will say this, however. When Oklahoma voted to restrict our courts from considering Sharia law, I wrote about it a couple of times. Some of the comments I received on those posts made me wonder how so many people could be so blind about what radical Islam really means to our country.

    • LD, the point for any blogger is to talk about what they want to talk about. So many things to say about this, but I won’t for now. You do a great job!

  • Islam, is getting on my last nerve. Wish we had a way to blow them all off the face of the earth. None of these jihad’s radical Muslims should benefit a thing from our country, Men, Women, or their infidel children. We all know that isn’t the case with a Muslim in the White House that loves those evil pricks, which is his way to blaspheme God. I think we all get Obama’s message loud and clear. Obama has long since gotten on my last nerve.
    The Obama’s just don’t get it, with MO wearing a $6800.00 top just because she can, flaunting it in every one’s face. I can tell you our country’s well being is the furthest thing from her mind. Neither one of them give a damn about America not one bit. They care only for them self and jihad is of no concern to the Obama’s, only the almighty dollar. Greed Greed Greed

  • AoW, Pamela knows you’re here, and she appreciates it! Check this out if you haven’t seen it yet:
    You’re on the honor roll there. 🙂

    • Zilla, thanks for that.

  • Xavier

    I’m a regular lurker here at Maggie’s Notebook and a frequent commenter at the “mystery blog” – which, of course, is WZ. I’d like to assure you that there’s no ban at WZ on insulting Islam; in fact, Islam is a target several times per day. Over 3-4 years, no one there has ever suggested that I moderate my tone or language on this, or any other, subject.

    The question about denying linkage is still open and a very serious charge, at least in my mind. Perhaps an unbiased blogger can pick up this story and confirm or deny Geller’s claims.

    I feel a bit odd about writing this – I have no interest in defending WZ, only in the truth. And, a bit late, I’m glad to see you’ve recovered and are back at work. Best wishes, and thank you for your excellent blog.

    • Xavier, I too feel uncomfortable writing about it. We have a conversation being talked about, and that’s about it. BigFurHat posted today at JihadWatch one side of it. I don’t know what to think. I did receive some very disturbing information via email that I cannot disclose, and cannot confirm.

      I’ve always liked WZ. I’ve seen the same things you mention there, although I seldom comment at the bigger sites. I hate it when these things happen.

      I really appreciate your “lurking around” here. Thank you so much for the good wishes and kind words. It’s good to be back.

  • Great posting, Maggie!

  • Maggie,
    You said:

    It’s all the same piece of cloth – Islam or Islam and this administration’s support of it.

    In my view, if we don’t get BHO defeated in November, Islamification will ramp up even more.

  • I post some anti-Islamic material on my website, but it’s a lower priority. In case you hadn’t noticed, the US is on a collision course with China over the South China and East China Sea. In case you hadn’t noticed, Russia effectively threatened nuclear retaliation on America for interference in Iran or Syria. The US will probably be at war with one or both of them within the next year or two.

  • I dropped the covered because it was like pounding my head against a brick wall, the continuing whitewash and dhimitube by media and political figures alike left me with an impression that far greater sinister works are at play here. The world is going to hell in a hand basket, the term ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ is complete rubbish, and it really is a matter of every man for himself…

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  • MJ

    I blog about the Syrian cluster-fck more than anyone.
    The Jihad there, ditto Libya and Egypt.

    However, many bloggers dont link me on their sidebar, so, at this point, I just dont care what people do anymore. Do whatever.

    I have had quite a FEW anti Jihad bloggers linked and they know I am mean, cover black on white crime which is WAY harder to cover than stupid Muzzies.
    But, they never returned the courtesy on their sidebars and I unlinked them.

    Carry on, good work.

    • MJ, you’re on my blogroll now, and btw, its nice to meet you up-close-and-personal. I’ve had the same problems, and it is rare for me to ever ask. I also cover black on white crime. My main focus is Israel and why the land is their’s beyond the historic right and Biblical right.

      I haven’t done much on Syria. I’ll try to use you as a source. I did a lot on Egypt (and continue to) and quite a bit on Libya.

      I’m trying to do as much as possible to defeat Obama and the Middle East is one of the most valid reason to send him on to Chicago (and the he’ll become the head of the U.N. – my prediction).

    • BTW, the elephant in your sidebar is awesome.

  • Hat tip to Pamela for linking this blog post.

    My focus is on foreign affairs and corruption in government, especially the influence of foreign powers on the US government.

    This implicitly means that one must look at all the trends in the Islamic world to expand its presence in the world by whatever means necessary (no holds barred, as long as it benefits Islam, Allah understands). Despite the fact that some Muslims decry criminal activities in the name of Islam (and many of those who decry them are in fact sincere, and not just slipping in taqqiya on us infidels), Islamic terrorists fund their jihad via criminal activities, especially trafficking in heroin from Afghanistan and, increasingly, in moving South American cocaine to Europe through Africa. That illicit money buys influence in Washington.

    Consequently, it would be difficult not to address militant Islam. In my opinion, despite good people who are Muslims, Islam itself is the problem. In my opinion, Christianity is basically good, but as humanity has a criminal element, some people pervert Christianity to evil ends. Islam, on the other hand, lends itself to evil; good people have to be selective of Islam’s tenets to bring good out of it.

    Regarding links, I link to well over two hundred international news and analysis websites, as well as hundreds in regional news sources in separate gadgets, including news sites specific to several US states and to the UK. Additionally, there are specific gadgets for economic, scientific, and other news, as well as gadgets for various types of resources, such as US government websites, international and NGO websites, and so on.

    Blogs are near the bottom of the sidebar; I link to them for various reasons, mainly that I have found something useful at the blog. Blog links come and go. Gates of Vienna and Atlas Shrugs are two links that went in early and which I do not foresee removing; I appreciate the work they do.

    Just as there are liberal and pro-Islamic news sites that I link to, so are there such blogs that I link to. If they outlive their usefulness to me, the link goes away. If blogs fail to get updated for an extended period of time, then I generally remove the link.

    Maggie, I think you have a nice blog here, so I added in a link. AOW, I have come across the archives of your other blogs, and now added in a link to your current blog.

    For me, it’s not political, it’s about what serves my purposes. My goal is to protect America and, by extension, what’s right with this world. My enemies are those who sell this country out to the highest bidder and who seek to enslave people under whatever pretense: Islam, marxism, you name it.

    As the Lord lives, I will see: 1) Obama, Clinton & Clinton, Biden, Holder, Bush-43, Hastert, McCain, Reid, and a whole laundry list of others from both sides of the aisle investigated and, as appropriate, on trial for the crimes they have committed or are alleged to have committed; 2) the Republican Party restored as the Grand Old Party that makes America great; 3) the Democrat Party restored as an opposition party loyal to America or repudiated and effectively destroyed for the treasonous activities of too many of its key people, and 4) America rededicated to the principles upon which this country was founded so we are once again a great nation which the Lord happily blesses and a beacon of light in a dark world; – or – I will die trying.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass who links to me or why, and I would rather that those in power, their puppet masters and their allies and all who seek the demise of this nation call me a racist, an outlaw and a terrorist, and have these be lies, than have them call me their slave, and have it be true.

    • Early Light, that’s an interesting article on your page now – Freedom’s Shore Part 3. Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll. I’ve done the same here. I have many of the institutional links you have but they are not on my homepage. Even with cloud hosting, it slows down my page load. From my viewpoint, there’s no reason to spend a dime on any Muslim country unless it is threatening a truly democratic country, and better yet a republic – but then there’s that creepy problem of countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo. If the country is Islamic, we can clearly see that it is hopeless for the people because the Koran is their life’s guide. What do you do with that. I’m ready to do nothing.

      However, we MUST say everything we know, because they are on the move and life for Americans will never be the same again.

      I don’t know about your No. 1 in the list. Don’t see that happening, but the other three are desperately prayed for.

      Nice to meet you. I’ll try to pay attention and get around to visiting and linking.

      • If we can get an honest President, who cares about America, it can happen. The President is the chief law enforcement officer in the country, not the attorney general; the AG works for the Pres.

        They offer us two puppets, one who is racing us to Hell, the other who will tap the brakes a little. As long as we keep ordering off their menu, we’re going to keep getting happy meals.

        A President needs to consider whether a foreign war poses some kind of compelling interest to the United States. Libya did not. Iraq in 2003 did not. Syria does not. In some cases, we need to let these guys fight it out and then, if need be, stomp the winner.

  • MJ, I meant that as a general comment, and accidentally posted it as a reply to your comment.

  • The Saw

    The whole uproar isn’t about covering islam or being anti-jihad, it is about a group of bloggers on the right having disdain for Geller. It is about politics and clout amongst bloggers, many w/enormous egos and the desire to “make it big” whether through fame or money, or both. It is about selling out and doing what the big man w/the pockets tells them to do. Apparently linking w/Atas Shrugs isn’t classy. Pamela and Robert Spencer speak the truth and hold true, that pisses people off. Certain bloggers have been told not to associate w/Pamela because their shit doesn’t stink, but hers does?

    I have been to a bloggers convention and it was a hoot watching these people in action. Some are really cool, great people, but most are arrogant, full of themselves, and the rest are wannabe’s fawning and groveling for attention from the Big Dogs. The whole link me, I’ll link you thing is just hilarious. It’s amusing and sad at the same time. They are very serious about their “work”, my favorite is when they talk about their “piece”. People constantly needing their ego’s stroked, pretending to be humble, and yet their heads are so big they can barely fit through the door. And for what? Giving their opinion, like what they think matters more than the next guy? Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. A blogger can be cool and gracious, or not. I choose to follow the cool ones that are passionate, fair, speak the truth, and share great information that teaches me something, as well as makes me think and reflect on the topic.

    Regardless of which tidbit of gossip you want to listen to the bottom line is it always boils down to truth and greed. WZ is now on my shit list, it’s dirty and shameful, lacks integrity this thing w/Pamela. So far Zipper has lacked the balls to address his sell out. His silence speaks volumes. At IOTW Zip’s pal WM posted a really lame reply, so lame it was pathetic. Guilty as charged. Reading his reply was like watching Obama doing the barry dance…Uh, Um, Ah, Ah, I gotta, hear me out, let me be clear crap.

    Let’s be real, just about all these blog/news sites do nothing but surf around taking and trading articles, photos, video, and stories, and then X gets pissed because Y didn’t give him a hat tip. So quick, instead of taking it from A’s site I will just go to the main source and pretend like I found it there instead of copying it from A’s site where I first saw it. It is just all kind of ridiculous. Not to say that it isn’t hard work or very time consuming. Just reading it all is time consuming so I can only image the work it takes to bring it all together. My point is people are funny over blogging. The best ones are the ones that save me the trouble of having to do the searching for myself.

    I have no problem w/WZ desire to earn a living operating his site, I do take issue trying to shut Pamela out. Fragging Pamela is wrong. Zip is beneath being associated w/her so he thinks, and I find that offensive and insulting. Same for any of the others that are part of his bandwagon. Pamela is a Warrior and lives the walk, which is far more than I can say for those that scour the net posting news stories that every other conservative site is posting.

    Anyway, it was ridiculous for me to sit here and spend my time writing all this. Zipper comes out and tells the truth, the whole truth I will apologize for my misgivings, but I doubt anyone will be hearing from him.

    • Saw, I don’t “know” any of these people personally. There are few I dislike or never link to on principle. When I don’t link to another conservative doing good work, it is simply because I run out of time. I think it’s the same with bigger blogs (and all of us).

      Almost everyone has an “email list” they promote to. I don’t. I guess I should, but in this case it seems there was very personal conversation going on, and now it’s out.

      I found a long time ago that getting my “stuff” read depended on how Google indexed it. It worked well for me, because I was not in any blogging clicques. Today, Google tends to treat blogs like the plague. Even Google blog search, where I once could count on to find fellow blogger quotes, seldom links a real blog.

      The linking back and forth is the only way any blogger can raise their page rank, but these days, Google’s page rank isn’t that important. Obviously it helps raise readership. What really irritates me is when you have numerous good and serious “pieces” up, and someone links a more inconsequential “piece” when there was plenty to choose from – then they send an email crowing that they linked.

      IT IS very uncool to find an article, then go directly to the source without crediting where you found it, when the actual blog is one sentence then the link to the original story. When I’m searching for information for a story, it irritates me that I hit their page, because then I feel obligated. I’ve likely already found the original story and am looking for quotes from my fellow bloggers. Too many times, there is nothing quotable.

      When I said

      “Pam is a true anti-jihad blogger and an expert both in understanding the culture of Islam, and linking it to story after story, AND – because, apparently, a connection to a strong woman who knows her stuff about jihad, isn’t attractive to his readers, or perhaps to his own sensibilities, AND…few stand where Pam Geller has stood – on the streets of New York and wherever needed fighting what needs to be fought, including the Ground Zero Mosque. She has been sued and attacked for her devotion to the safety and education of her country. Her First Amendment Rights do not exist in the Leftist ether, and apparently not on the Right at times as well. She should wear it like a badge of honor

      I meant every word of it.

      It was shocking to me that the blogger was WZ. I’ve had great respect for his site, and used it many times as a source.

      Your first line is spot-on. I appreciate your detailed comment and I agree with you.