Afghanistan: 7 Americans Killed Today – Please Participate in Troopathon

Today the grim news that 7 American soldiers have died in Afghanistan. Six died in a roadside bombing, and a seventh in a separate attack. Taliban are claiming a victory with the IED deaths. You can remember our brave troops serving there right now, by sending a Care Package to the troops through Move America Forward’s (MAF) Troopathon. The MAF site was hacked over the weekend by those professing to be “terrorist sympathizing hacktivists,” but the site IS SECURE. Please do not let these cyber terrorists deter your donation to this important cause.

Donate here – care packages are already designed for you to choose from.

Your donation is tax deductible!

The devoted MAF staff has worked for days to make certain all information on their site is secure, and it is.

You may have noticed over the weekend, some of our e-mails had images not show up and links that didn’t work that affected our ability to raise money for care packages for the troops.

This was due to a cyber-attack from a group of self-proclaimed terrorist sympathizing “hacktivists” who target pro-military and pro-USA sites. These groups are mostly amateurs who see themselves as waging their jihad on the web. Only rarely are they ever actually affiliated with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda.

The big, big show, which is dedicated to the memory and work of Andrew Breitbart, will stream live on July 7th beginning at 4pm EST. Dennis Miller and Congressman Allen West will be a part of the show. Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and Mark Levin will join-in in some way. New participants will be named daily.

About your donations: blogger teams are working hard to raise money for these care packages. We get paid nothing, but we do know in our hearts that we did everything we could to provide some comfort for the troops in these far away war zones, without family and friends, and the simple comforts that make our days so much more manageable.

So the blogger teams are competing against each other. If you donate through one of the links on this page or the Troopathon graphic in my left sidebar, my team, the Hot Air Steamers will get credit for it.

One team will be acknowledged as the group who enabled the most care packages to wing their way to our Military. I would love for it to be Hot Air Steamers, but sending care packages, however they get there, is the point.

Click here to view the items our troops need, and send your already prepared Care Package on its way. 

I still do not have the full list of team members, but I do know that Karen at The Lonely Conservative and Monoblogue are Hot Air Steamers.

Please donate through Hot Air Steamers to Troopathon 2012
Remembrance of Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

God comfort the families of those 7 lost today in Afghanistan. My original Troopathon 2012 information is here.

Seven Americans Killed by Taliban in Afghanistan Monday, July 9, 2012 (video)

  • Z

    What’s this about ANdrew? Where can people see the ‘livestream’…I send interesting Breitbart stuff to his inlaws, who are close friends of mine. Do tell. Thanks.xx

    • Hi Z, at, on every page, there is a banner at the top, saying this year’s Troopathon is “dedicated” to Andrew’s “memory.” I think I remember Andrew live-on-set with Melanie Morgan last year.

      While there is little info, I believe it will live stream at Do let is family know. I’m sure there will be much fond conversation about him.

  • I’m the guy from monoblogue that you’re referring to. I’m happy to help the troops in this small way, even if it’s not politically correct. Even though I’m Maryland-based, I live in the part of that supposedly blue state which still respects God, guns, and guts, and all three are represented in those who choose to fight our battles.

    • Hi Michael, nice to meet you! Troopathon should grab the hearts of people across America, no matter how liberal their state happens to be. Maryland is a beautiful state. I wish we knew the others on our team. It’s very strange this year. There is so little about the teams on

      Nevertheless we will soldier on. Good luck. Let’s hope the links are being clicked:-)

  • Z

    I’m sure it’s there at Troopathon, but I’m just not seeing Andrew’s name, the inlaws are terrific people and they’re actors and writers (Orson and Alley Bean) and don’t do emailing/internet too much! If I can’t find mention of Andrew, they won’t.
    thanks, anyway 🙂

    • Z, its the top banner, at the very top of the page, on top of everything else. I believe it is on every page. Just look at the very top. Let me know if you still cannot see it.

    • To the right at the very top, it says NEVER FORGET THE TROOPS, and directly under that …dedicated to the memory of Andrew Breitbart, with his photo.

  • Z

    If you want to know the truth, your article above’s the best on the subject so I just linked you to Orson and Alley. Thanks so much.
    I’m slinking off into the sunset lest I embarrass myself more because I still have questions unanswered on their site!

    Enough on that! They have the info, and that’s what matters. They’ll send it to Susie, they usually do. Please pray for Andrew’s wife and children, it’s very tough for them in every way imaginable.
    xxx z

    • Z, thanks, but I’m still puzzled that the banner is not showing on your monitor. I have kept Andrew’s family in my prayers and I will continue to do so. May God comfort them and ease their pain.