Where Is Maggie????


For weeks the owner of this blog, Maggie has been missing.  Speculation of where she is has ranged from On Vacation to Kidnapped By A UFO.  I can now assure everyone that our dear Maggie is alive and still on the Planet Earth.

As everyone should know, she pinched the nerves in her back.  It has been a slow recovery for it.  All too slow for her liking.

From Maggie herself:

The pinched nerve is sloooowwwwlllly getting better. I’m about to go nuts doing NOTHING. I had the same pinched nerve problem back in the late 70’s. I hoped I would NEVER have to go through it again. I got up this morning and decided I will try again. There is something about sitting at the computer that aggravates the situation. I’ve tried several different chairs I have around the house and nothing seems to work. 

 I do hope that every one will remember her in your prayers.  I know from experience how painful, how debilitating a pinch nerve can be.  Especially in the back.  She hopes to be back blogging very soon.
UPDATE from Maggie: When I wrote the above note to findalis, I had not planned to go ahead and post, but did…and enjoyed doing so, so much. I know many bloggers understand what it is  like not to be able to post, and worse, not to feel like trying to attempt it. I posted this morning, and will take it day-by-day and see what happens. I have missed weighing in with my readers and friends. Again, I thank you all so much, and really appreciate your continued visits and comments to findalis on her fine work and for the many, many prayers and notes of encouragement.
  • That sounds sooooo painful.Get better soon and do as little as possible, very hard to do.

  • Get well girl.

  • You are missed Maggie (not a slight to Findalis), I do hope you get better soon. I will ask God to send you a special blessing.

  • Feel better soon, Maggie!

    • LC, it’s getting better daily. Thank you.

  • You are doing a fine job, Findalis, but we miss Maggie. Hope she gets well soon.

  • Maggie.. your in my prayers..

    • Thank you David. You are an amazing friend.

  • Get better soon, Maggie, we miss you (again, not a slight to findalis)

  • montanaconserv

    Get well soon… sending you healing energy 🙂

    I have found that massage therapy worked for my lower back (herniated disks)… it took a few sessions to help my muscles ‘remember’ how they were supposed to work…

    • montanaconserv, I haven’t had massage therapy, but I do use an unusual type of chiropracty (NUCCA). It does a similar thing – eventually the muscles hold things where they should be.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Glad to hear you are recuperating Mags. In the meantime, does this mean we can say whatever we want on this blog now that the owner is absent? Cool… 🙂

    • W.C. Taqiyya – you certainly can, whether I’m here or not:-) Thanks for coming by.

  • Maggie, findalis has been doing a more-than-fine job, but I miss you. 🙂

    Praying for your healing.

    • Pup, I appreciate the prayers and being missed:-)

  • gbear711

    I have 4 fractured, dessicated, herniated low back vertebra and disks, I have found sitting on a 65 CM exercise ball quite therapeutic.

    • gbear, oh my you have a very serious situation. I may try that, especially if I do not continue to improve. Thanks so much.

  • To everyone commenting here, thank you for your prayers for healing and your good wishes, and the wonderful comments about findalis. She has been such a great friend, and an amazing blogger. I appreciate her so very much.