Rev Fred Luter: Southern Baptists Elect First Black President

Rev. Fred Luter has been elected by The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) as the church’s first Black President. The gavel passes today. Southern Baptists (evangelical) are the largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. Luter, from New Orleans was unopposed in the election.

Pastor Fred Luter

Pastor David Crosby of First Baptist New Orleans nominated Luter, calling him a “fire-breathing, miracle-working pastor” who “would likely be a candidate for sainthood if he were Catholic.”…

He began to cry as he recalled growing up with a divorced mother and no father in the house, saying he asked God, “Let me be that role model to my son that I didn’t have.” And he recounted how his son followed him into ministry and asked Luter to be his best man at his wedding.

Luter described what he hopes to achieve for the convention, saying he has always had the ability to get along with everyone. He plans to use that skill to bring denominational leaders together to discuss how they can leave aside their differences and work together to spread the Gospel. Source.

I found an interesting comment about Protestanism at The American Interest (by Walter Russell Mead):

Years ago I attended Billy Graham’s last New York City revival. The crowd was overwhelmingly non-white. In fact, Evangelical Christianity in the U.S. is much more politically, racially, and culturally diverse than liberal Protestantism. Seen in this light, Rev Luter isn’t a token; he is a sign.

Rev. Luter is the Senior Pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans. He took membership in 1986 from 65 members to today’s 7,000, the largest Southern Baptist Church in the state. God bless America.