Obama Leak Spigot Still Spilling: Flame Virus Product of US and Israel

A five-year old joint effort of US Military and ultimately the CIA along with Israel, before, above and beyond Stuxnet, has been reported in the Washington Post. The report is not sourced other than “Western officials speaking” anonymously. The virus is known as “Flame” and as with Stuxnet, has been directed toward Iran. Recently, Iran discovered the malicious code, which masqueraded as a routine Microsoft update. The U.S. is blaming Israel for the outing, after an April 2012 series of cyber attacks on Iran’s oil industry – which caused “only minor disruptions,” leading Iran to the Flame discovery. Without confirmation, there would be no confirmation. The spigot is still open.  Read the story here.

Flame Virus Cyber Attacks Discovered in Iran

Photo courtesy of Banglawire

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