Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Wins Egypt Presidency: Promises to be a Servant to Christians – Women

Final results are not expected to be confirmed until Thursday but Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is claiming victory in this week’s two day presidential election with the MB candidate, Mohammed Morsi, vowing to be a “servant” to all Egyptians, including Christians and women (stop laughing. it’s. not. funny). The country is under military martial law at this time. Morsi is U.S. educated and the head of the Freedom and Justice Party (key word: “Justice”). Source.

Mohammed Morsi


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  • Do you know what a Muslim Brotherhood promise is like?

    It’sike this:

    I promise to give you a million dollars, a brand new BMW, and free lunch at McDonalds for the rest of your life.

    Hope you don’t stick around waiting…I can’t even afford lunch at McDonals!

    • Hi Norm, yes – it’s like any powerful Muslim saying: I promise to be a servant to Christians and women.

  • The military controlled court has already recalled the Parliament that was elected because of the MB. Don’t count on Mohammed Morsi becoming President if the military has their way. I don’t see the military giving up power. Plus the MB wishes to create a force like Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. There is no way the Military will allow that.

  • I0m sorry, Maggie, but I can’t stop laughing.

    • Jim, that was my reaction too. BTW, sometime I saw your comment about spam but couldn’t do anything about it at that time. I’ll have to figure out what to do about my settings. Thanks for the heads up.

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  • When was the last time Egypt was a Democracy??? Haaaaaa Haaaaa Still laughing through tears.

    • Faultline, the answer is the last time a so-called Arab Spring made life better for anyone on earth.

  • Michael Davis

    That’s like a tiger is saying “From now on I am a vegan”. lol

    • Michael Davis, Yep, same thing.