Mitch McConnell Cojones Still Missing

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Senate Republican Leader, was one limp wrist today when he took questions from Fox News’ Martha McCallum about Obama’s Senate run-around with his new immigration Executive Order. McCallum wanted to know what Congress would and could do about Obama’s latest lawlessness – allowing 800,000 illegals to become legal. McConnell indicated “legislative action” was necessary. He further explained “legislative action” results in “bipartisan discussion.” No. He really did. That’s what he said.

Mitch McConnell

“Well, one thing — we thing it ought to require legislative action,” McConnell told Fox News anchor Martha McCallum. “The way you get these things done is to have a bipartisan discussion.”

McCallum persisted: “But if the White House has gone around Congress in a way that is not above-board, is Congress going to hold the White House’s feet to the fire on this and force them to go through Congress, is my question.”

“Well, that would require court action, I assume,” Sen. Mitch McConnell told Fox News on Monday. “But yeah, I think we’re pretty unhappy with the fact that they have now decided to do something they claimed they couldn’t legally do a year ago.” Source.

That sage, McConnell, also said Obama’s mandatory order “raises quite a suspicion” that it’s all about Hispanic votes in November. With such critical thinking and analysis skills, he must surely be the best we have for Republican leadership in the Upper Chamber. God help us.

Steve King

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) has announced he will sue the administration for this action which will allow any illegal brought to the U.S. at 16 years of age or younger, currently no older than 30, a U.S. High School graduate or person with U.S. Military service, to stay legally in the U.S.

Wouldn’t it make a huge statement for every responsible member of the House and Senate to stand with King and join his suit? Wouldn’t it send a clear message for Representatives and Senators to stand on the floor of their respective Chambers and say: “No You Cannot! No You Will Not!”

If you heard O’Reilly’s “Memo” tonight, you heard him say he believes Obama’s actions are against the law and unconstitutional. At the same time, he said those brought here by their parents are innocent victims and many believe something must be done to legitimize their life in the U.S. Not once did he mention that those same parents who victimized their own children, victimized mine as well, and they knew exactly what they were doing, when they did it. The expressive graphic is courtesy of Marooned in Marin along with another Mitch McConnell outrage. Read it here.



  • Maggie, I’m so tired of these limp wristed Republicans. We can’t be the Democrats friends. They need to be held responsible for breaking the law or we give them permission to keep doing it till we have no freedoms left to defend. Man I’m angry..

    • David, I’d like to see Rand Paul as Senate Majority leader after we take the Senate. Won’t happen, of course, he is the personality we need: dead bottom line.

  • Deport them and their unlawful parents, and then impeach Obama.

    • Woodsterman, we must deport – no matter the history. Everyone coming here illegally knew the risks they took.

  • montanaconserv

    I’m really disturbed by seeing no reaction to this unconstitutional policy.. except by Allen West… but, he just voiced his opinion.. what are they DOING? Nothing…

    • montanaconserv, I’ve noticed that no one in either Chamber speaks out unless they sit on a corresponding committee. If that has become “practice” or “policy,” it needs to be changed.

  • Ronald J. Ward

    President Obama is operating well within his authority as he has “the inherent power to execute prosecutorial discretion” as Daniel Kanstroom, a professor of immigration and human rights law at Boston College explained. Had the President granted legal status, you might have something. But he didn’t. What he did was to put their immigration status on hold until there’s a legislative fix.
    Actually, he’s putting the ball back in Congress’s court, forcing them to end their filibuster games, do their job, and bring the Dream Act to a vote.
    On another note, I McConnell is pretty crafty fox and has absolutely no intentions of “bipartisan discussion”. He does understand that he needs to present himself and his fellow GOP as willing to be partisan, then blame the President for refusing to work with them.

    Actually, he’s putting the ball back in Congress’s court, forcing them to end their filibuster games, do their job, and bring the Dream Act to a vote.

    • Ronald, it sounds good, but there is no way this is illegal. Begin with being here illegally in the first place. Obama has greatly overstepped his authority with Executive Orders and has been doing it since he came into office. He isn’t the only president to have done the same. Congress makes laws. The existing law is to deport illegals.

      Harry Reid can bring up The Dream Act for a vote anytime he wishes. He doesn’t have the votes, and the votes were not there when Democrats had control of both Chambers.

      • Ronald J. Ward

        I’m unsure how to rebut with constructive arguments when one defies legal scholars with something like ” but there is no way this is illegal”. Based on?
        In today’s legislative environment, nothing has a vote unless there’s 60 senators to agree with putting it to a vote. Even then there are maneuvers that can stop it. And in today’s environment, the GOP isn’t going to let much of anything slide threw, even policies they like and agree with. And from their own admission, it’s to put the President in a bad light. So when it’s within the President’s powers to sidestep their admitted obstruction, it’s what should be done as it forces them to do their job.

        • Based on the fact that we have laws on the book. Today’s environment has nothing to do with legality or constitutionality.

          As to forcing “them” to do their job, they must hold the Obama administration accountable for picking and choosing which portions of immigration law they will enforce.

  • Maggie … I’m glad to see the fire is still in your soul. So glad you’re up to speaking the truth once again. And you also have a set. Or is it just being a God fearing mother and grand mother?

    Blessings and as always a good word.

    • Thanks Carl:-) It’s good to be back. I missed everyone.

  • Geo

    How the republicans allow this a-hole to continue with his lawlessness is beyond belief. Yet another illegal act cut from obaMAO’s whole cloth of his vision of the law. Except just one year ago the Constitutional Professor himself stated he didn’t have the authority to do it. So what’s changed in one year…. a election, that’s what.

    The [wet] Dream Act has been brought up for a vote at least 5 times and has never been able to pass the minimum 60 vote threshold. That includes when the dimoCraps controlled both Houses and the Executive Branches.

    This is just phase 1 of the dimoCrap’s larger vision of amnesty for every illegal currently in this Country. Today it’s, “would anyone split these Families up?”. After these 800K get passes, then the argument will be “are we going to send the parents of these children back home?”

    They have ignored all the legislation that they’ve passed since the 1986 Simpson – Mazoli Act passed. Fines, Employer verification, deportation, you name it, they’ve ignored it. What makes anyone believe that they will uphold anything they pass now?

    This is a preemptive strike at the forthcoming Supreme Court Ruling on the Arizona case currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court. The spineless republicans are standing by and allowing this thug to get away with ignoring and violating not only the U.S. Constitution but any other Law that they don’t agree with.

    Welcome to the dopey lib world of Multiculturalism, diversity, racial preferences brought to you by Dead ted kennedy [who has set a record for being sober, btw] and the dimoCrap party.

    American Law has always had a basic theory embedded in it. All fruit borne of a illegal act, is in itself illegal.

    • Geo, I also believe he is getting his foot in the door, knowing that the courts will uphold important portions of state’s rights to defend their residents.

      Not so many years ago, Congress would have never allowed a President to abscond with their obligations and privileges to make the law of the land.