March 2009 Press Conference: Obama Holder Knew of GunWalking – Napolitano Asked About Legal Gun Sellers

RightScoop has a video out of a March 2009 press conference on Operation Fast and Furious. RightScoop’s point is that this video is clear proof that Obama and Holder directed and amped up gunwalking and gun tracing, and thus, have been forced to initiate Executive Privilege to cover subpoenaed investigative documents. We know now, few of the weapons were traced and most were not intended to be traced. But there is something else intriguing that happened in the press conference (video below). Take a look at this:

Janet Napolitano

Barack Obama

Man with heavy accent questions Napolitano at 2:03:

How successful do you expect to be in this effort to clamp down on the trafficking going into Mexico, when part of the problems is, you know, all these [inaudible] along the border? I mean, did you expect to go against the people who sell these arms, which is part of the problem. I mean, maybe you can be successful stopping arms, but if you can do anything – need do something – on the source of these legal businesses, how can you have a real impact?

What the man didn’t know is that how Gun Walker-morphed-into-Fast-and-Furious would really work. Those legal businesses would be used as pawns. There was no intention of diligently tracing the weapons, with the desired end result being harsher gun laws, and maybe even charges against some gun sellers. The target was the Second Amendment, not Mexican drug cartels. No one planned on Border Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata dying at the pull of a trigger from Fast and Furious weapons.

Janet Napolitano answers everything but the question about the legal businesses they are planning to attack/blame, and she places a focus on intense Justice Department participation:

2:47: Several things. One is, first of all you have interdict the arms. You’ve got to stop them going into Mexico. That’s why we’re increasing the southbound inspections. That’s why we’re moving the technology of the border to help with screening going into the border. We’re coordinating with Mexico because they can do more in the way of southbound screening on their side of the border, but then the Department of Justice moving their agents down there…and increasing tracing, that will help us identify who is putting those arms into the arms, those guns, into the arms of the traffickers moving south, and out of that, again, we see more prosecution of actual arms dealers who are intentionally, and knowingly putting arms  into the hands of the smugglers. So, that is part of the reason why the Department of Justice is such an essential part of this initiative on Mexico.

RightScoop outlines the following statements in the video. Note that there is rhetoric about working with Mexico. We know now that Mexico was not aware of thousands of weapons coming into their country, with no one in the U.S. attempting to monitor the great majority of them.

➤ Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs: “An issue very important to the President.”

➤ David Ogden, Deputy Attorney General: “Under the President’s leadership…The President has directed us…To Fortify Project GunRunner…To Facilitate Gun Tracing…

Regarding the issues brought forth in this video, the administration will tell us they knew nothing about the extent of BATF’s lethal actions. Yes, they wanted to strengthen Operation GunWalker, but did not know agents had moved into actions any different from Bush’s Operation GunWalker. They will say they thought they were doing nothing more than Bush did.

Fox said today the GOP is seeking a negotiation with the DOJ to put an end to the whole matter before the House vote on contempt charges for Holder. If that’s the case, what a sad day for this country.

March 2009 Press Conference on Gun Walking (video)

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